Thursday, November 17, 2016

Change log: 1.49.1029

After a couple of days off, I am back with more progress towards the Black Friday/Anniversary Release.

In terms of the ongoing Survivor Sheet refactor project, the major improvement/feature in release
1.49.1029 is free-text Survivor Sheet notes. These new controls a.) work without a page reload and b.) allow unlimited free-text notes to be appended to a survivor.

#bossy af
This release also adds colors to survivor epithets. The idea is to ultimately make them work more like "tags" in a traditional webapp, and have them contribute meaningfully to survivor organization and representation, e.g. on the campaign summary screen. For now, only a few epithets have colors, but I'll be revising that going forward to make the manager a little more...visually striking.

And, speaking of that, this release begins to deprecate the yellow/green/purple scheme in favor of more KD-ish colors.

Notably, release 1.49.1029 also adds some much-needed automation and settlement event logging around adding and removing principles.

In honor of the new Survival of the Fittest revision, the Manager now automatically applies "current survivor" buffs to all living survivors when principles such as SotF, Barbaric/Romantic, etc. are added (and removes those buffs if the principle is removed).

At any rate, I'm thinking about working on more expansion support this weekend and during the week leading up to Black Friday. Manhunter maybe?

Thanks for using the Manager!
New SotF rule is now supported!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V1: hot-fixed a bug where a PotStars constellation table failed to highlight the "1+ Accuracy attribute" cell if the survivor's Accuracy was >= 1.
  • V1: the "Regal Edge" Rare Gear is no longer incorrectly listed as belonging to the "Dragon Armory" location
  • V1: addressed an issue re: legacy epithets (back when you could key in custom ones) where double-quotes broke Survivor Sheet layout.
  • V1: fixed the bug that caused the "Flower Knight" to show up in the available quarries for all settlements/campaigns.
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue on the Campaign Summary where settlements with no survivors could have display overlap issues.
  • V1: custom causes of death overrule causes of death selected in the drop-down, i.e. they'll always win if the Controls of Death are used to submit both types. That makes sense to me (but drop me a line if you disagree).


  • V1: the "Constellation" button on the Survivor Sheet is now labeled "Dragon Traits" and shows a count of traits.
  • V1: implemented the new Survival of the Fittest principle
  • V1: created assets.Settlement.update_current_survivors() to facilitate current survivor updates based on principle additions and removals
  • V1: updated assets.Settlement.update_principles() to log more about what it's doing, w/r/t automatic buff application and to use the new update_current_survivors() method where appropriate
  • V1: the "Barbaric" and "Romantic" principles now automatically apply and remove "current survivor" buffs to Strength or Understanding.
  • V1: enhanced assets.Survivor.normalize() to remove forbidden epithets
  • V1: improved logging in assets.Survivor.update_epithets()
  • V1: all founders (i.e. survivors created during errata LY 0 who have no parents) are now tagged with the campaigns founder epithet (e.g. "Founder", "Foundling", etc.)
  • V1: completely removed all token-based monster asset look-ups, e.g. for killboard, etc.
  • V1: completely removed deprecated, form-based epithet controls
  • V1: certain epithets now have colors; I did some non-trivial refactoring of the JS app to pull this off, and it's not a done deal yet, but it's looking pretty good for now, I think.
  • V1: the Survivor Sheet now supports the addition of free-text notes (via a new angular.js controller I added to the kdmManager.js app.)
  • V1: created a couple of new methods to support free-text survivor notes: assets.Survivor.get_survivor_notes() and assets.Survivor.update_survivor_note(). These basically facilitate the new free-text survivor note feature.
  • V1: epithets are re-styled to look like the survivor notes, i.e. like the Innovation cards.
  • V1: added a preference for giving unnamed user assets random names
  • V1: added random name support for new survivors and new settlements
  • V1: new survivors with blank/null names can now default to a random, sex-appropriate name
  • V1: added a user preference for random name defaulting on user assets
  • V1: bulk survivor generators, including the "First Story" generator on the new settlement view and the bulk survivors tool on the Settlement Sheet now support random names
  • V1: updated topnav span gradients to use Material Design colors
  • V1: endeavor spans on Campaign Summary view are updated to use KD gradients/hex
  • V1: overhauled colors generally; started deprecating the vivid color/three-color scheme (since it was basically useless once the sidenav bar arrived)
  • V1: added a helper error/warning div for settlements with no survivors (directing users to the burger to add new survivors).

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