Sunday, November 20, 2016

Change Log: 1.50.1051

OK, this is a big one: release 1.50.1051 pushes the biggest feature in a huge milestone as well as a major revision of the Survivor Sheet layout/presentation and backend.

(In short, this one's probably going to break a bunch of stuff, so be ready to report errors!)

By popular demand, the Survivor Sheet now has totally new controls for managing survivor attributes that allow gear and token attribute modifiers to be tracked from the Manager. Returning Departing Survivors from the hunt will remove all of these attributes.

It's a pretty huge feature and it took a few days to bang it out.

Also, the "Save" button has been removed from the Survivor Sheet, which no longer requires it: all of the controls on the Survivor Sheet either save automatically when activated OR they refresh/reload the page.

In addition to those major updates/upgrades, this release also does a lot to continue to normalize color within the application to look more consistent with KD generally.

Finally, on top of the normal bug fixes and corrections that find their way in to pretty much every release of the Manager, this one also fixes the Survivor Sheet anchors, so mobile users won't have to scroll as much, etc.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug affecting survivors with Dragon Traits where Dragon surnames could accidentally be counted twice.
  • Fixed an epithets bug where javascript object meta data could accidentally be added to survivor epithets. -flailingsquid
  • Fixed the z-index on the "SAVED" pop-up so that it lays over everything except for the burger/sidenav
  • Updated Survivor Sheet permanent affinity colors to be KD colors.
  • Modifying the "Survival" value on the Survivor Sheet no longer updates the whole survivor sheet (with bogus keys, etc.)
  • Weapon mastery innovations no longer cause their specialization to be auto-applied to survivors who already have them (reduces settlement event log spam).
  • Fighting Arts updates no longer try to toggle the "Cannot Use Fighting Arts" toggle.
  • Disabled ng-route configs (since I'm backing off of that design idea), so anchor links should work correctly/consistently again.
  • Corrected "savior" epithets to use KD colors
  • Fixed a bug where free text Survivor Notes with certain types of apostrophes couldn't be removed.
  • Fixed a tablet-width issue where the "Disorders" section of the Survivor Sheet could have a shorter horizontal rule if no Disorders were selected.


  • Touched up a couple of survivor management methods to support "remove" as an action kwarg value as well as "rm".
  • Added a shadow to the top nav bar (for fanciness)
  • Adjusted border-radius attribute of Settlement Storage items to look more KD-ish
  • Adjusted the fade-in/fade-out times for the "SAVED!" pop-up on the Survivor Sheet
  • The "Save" button on the Survivor Sheet is no longer with us. It has been fully deprecated (which is a major milestone in and of itself).
  • Refactored Survivor Sheet hit boxes to use less space (and also to do mdb updates via the angularjs app with no refresh)
  • Refactored secondary Survivor attributes (Weapon Proficiency, Courage, Understanding) to require less custom markup and more standard/normal formatting
  • Removed "heal survivor" controls (because no one used them because they were pointless)
  • DRYed up the Survivor Sheet HTML a bit: Arms, Body, Waist and Legs hit box controls are now generated by the new assets.Survivor.render_hit_box_controls() method
  • Keyed in a handful of additional "random" survivor names
  • Deprecated a bunch of redundant/vestigial CSS
  • Moved and restyled the "Saved" pop-up for wide resolution so it's less gigantic and doesn't block the whole screen


  1. This manager is amazing. My group loves it and I love using it solo as well. Thanks for all the work you put into it. My group and I really do appreciate it!

    1. Glad to hear it: you are all very welcome!

      If you (or anyone in your in your group) has any ideas about features/functionality/etc. that they would like to see, please be sure to pass them along.

      Thanks again for using the Manager!

    2. Actually, we do have one. If possible it would be nice on the Settlement Summary page to be able to tell which of your survivors on the list are saviors and what color they are. The only way to remind us is to click on the survivor's page (which sometimes has us clicking on several survivors to find our saviors) or put "Red" or "Green" after their names on the Settlement Summary survivor list. It would be nice if there was a color associated with the savior's box on the Settlement Summary to remind us which survivors were saviors and which color they are. This would help substantially while we determine which survivors will depart each year.

      Is something like that possible?

    3. When I typed "Settlement Summary" I actually meant "Campaign Summary". :p

    4. OK, so a couple of things about saviors and how survivors look on the Campaign Summary:

      - In the current version of the Manager, if you add any of the "Abilities and Impairments" related to Savior stuff to a survivor (e.g. "Dream of the Beast", "Lucernae", "Green Life Exchange", etc.), the Manager should a.) auto-apply all related abilities (e.g. if you apply "Caratosis", it will apply "Red Life Exchange" and "Dream of the Beast" for you) and then b.) it should flag the survivor on Campaign Summary by placing the "Dream of the [whatever]" text under their name.
      - In the next major milestone, I plan to totally re-do how survivors look on the Campaign Summary. In addition to survivor attributes (e.g. MOV, ACC, etc.), the redesigned Campaign Summary view will have a tooltip button that you can press to see a summary of the survivor without refreshing the page. That's down the ways a bit, however, so it doesn't solve your problem for now.

      Finally, I'll go ahead and create an item for adding savior toggles on Survivor Sheets where saviors are available: I think I can take care of that for the upcoming Black Friday release, so keep an eye open for in over the next couple/few days.

      Thanks again!

    5. I had no idea of this. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

    6. Alright, I had a little time to hack on the Manager today and I've got a new feature that revises Settlement Sheet survivor tracking that is basically ready to roll.

      I'm going to clean it up a bit and include it in the next release, which should happen tomorrow, barring any unforeseen craziness at the office.

      Thanks again for using the Manager!

  2. One thing I did notice, though, is that I can't find anywhere to modify the hunt experience for an individual survivor now. Was that intended?

    1. d'oh!

      No--that's definitely a bug! thanks for reporting!

      I'm doing a release of patches/bug-fixes and Safari presentation issue stuff tonight and I'll make sure that the fix for that goes out with it.

    2. OK--I just pushed the fix for this. Let me know if you see anything else that looks off.

      And thanks again!