Monday, November 21, 2016

Change Log: 1.50.1075

  I just spent the last however-many hours in Safari. Survival = 0; Insanity = 20.  

As of  the 1.50.1051 release, most of the features included in this milestone are delivered, so release 1.50.1075 is mostly corrections/fixes and incremental progress towards the final milestone goals.

In terms of corrections, there are a slew of presentation fixes in this one, and most of those target Safari (at wide resolution).

A major goal of the Survivor Sheet Refactor milestone is to resolve presentation issues for supported browsers, to include (my arch nemesis/abandon-ware) desktop Safari, and this release puts in work on that long-standing issue.

There are also a few usability-related bug fixes in this one, the most notable of which is that the Hunt XP controls are now visible on the Survivor Sheet (the last release accidentally caused them not to be displayed at all: oops!).

In terms of features/improvements, there are some minor improvements to random survivor name picking and a general refactor of the Campaign Summary, but nothing major.

Finally, in terms of what's next, I've got a few more features I want to push before I call the Black Friday milestone complete.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Dragon Traits button (for PotStars survivors) positioning was random and it could be obscured by other controls.
  • Fixed a bug where toggling the "Anyone may manage this survivor" button threw a traceback.
  • Addressed a presentation issue affecting dashboard "accordion" widths in Safari
  • Fixed an issue on the Survivor Sheet where Hunt XP controls were hidden. -kkanable
  • Addressed a Campaign Summary presentation issue where the toggle controls for "The Dead" survivor accordion could sometimes be all the way at the bottom of the screen (and fail to completely display)
  • Fixed a Safari presentation issue where the Campaign Summary headline formatting was totally broken due to selector priority bugs in the browser); presentation is normalized between desktop Safari and Chrome (at wide resolution)
  • Fixed a Safari presentation issue where top_nav spans were not displaying on any view
  • Campaign Summary buttons for adding survivors to the Departing group are no longer enormous in Safari
  • Hacked around a Safari bug where inline elements incorrectly stacked themselves vertically and broke, among other things, the Campaign Summary panels
  • Corrected a Safari issue where P element margins on the Campaign Summary were not functioning correctly.
  • Corrected the margins on the clickable survivor accordions on the Campaign Summary at wide resolution so that they're evenly spaced from other survivor asset links and each other.
  • The burger/refresh buttons on the top nav are now the correct distance from the top of window in Safari.
  • Fixed an issue where a CSS typo re: overflow disabled horizontal and vertical scrollbars appeared at wide resolution.


  • Keyed in a few more thematically justifiable random survivor names
  • New survivor name picker now supports "other" type names (in addition to sex-specific)
  • Settlement Sheet control for changing settlement name no longer reloads the Settlement Sheet; event logging for settlement name changes has been cleaned up.
  • Refactored the Campaign Summary markup (to help with the Safari bugs and to eliminate some redundant/overkill CSS)
  • Reformatted and repositioned the Safari warning/error on the dashboard
  • PotLantern campaign Survivor Sheets no longer include options for adding "The Sun", "Sun Language", "Throne" and "Dragon Speech"
  • Normalized Campaign Summary presentation w/r/t headings: rather than an arbitrary mix of h3/h4 elements of various fonts, I smoothed out the CSS, cleaned up the markup and standardized on h3
  • Touched up the Campaign Summary right pane/campaign facts h4's for some additional prettiness (and to eat up less screen space)
  • Cleaned up the Campaign Summary unordered list display (for when Innovations, Defeated Monsters, etc. are set to display as UL's).
  • The "Manage Departing Survivors" button is now above the departing survivors role call


  1. Tim, I couldn't find a way to add a Fighting Art to a survivor's sheet that isn't in one of the supported expansions. For example, one of my survivors acquired a Manhunter expansion fighting art that was not in the drop down menu choices on the survivor sheet and I had no way of creating it. Am I missing something? Any way of creating a "customize fighting art" like the impairments and abilities?

    1. K,

      You are not missing something: there is no way to customize a fighting art the way you can customize an A&I.

      It's a known problem.

      My original plan was to have all expansions supported by the end of the summer, but users ended up being more interested in UI/UX stuff, so I've been focusing on that at the expense of expansion support.

      I will do my best to get Manhunter support into the Black Friday release. I've got a release ready to go out tonight that is mostly focused on presentation/usability and I don't want to delay that, but the next release after that will add cursed item controls: I will do whatever I can to get Manhunter support added to that one.

      Thanks again for using the Manager!

    2. No problem. One more bug report then I'll stop bothering ya. Last night I added a custom impairment and then attempted to customize it under "Customize Ability" but when I attempt to do this I got "A problem occurred in a Python script." The screen was then filled up with code(?) that I can't read. Basically, I think there is a bug with "Customize Ability."

      Just fyi. Thanks again for an awesome tool!

    3. Not at all: definitely do not stop reporting issues!

      I'll take a look through the logs and see if I can find the error you hit on the "Customize Ability" thing. There's always been some...oddness with that part of the sheet and I've been meaning to clean it up for a while now anyway.

      If I find something good, I'll get the fix in for tonight's release, if possible.

      Thanks again!