Sunday, November 27, 2016

Change Log: 1.52.1147 / 2.13.73

Current mood.

The Black Friday milestone is now closed.

That does not, however, mean that all Safari presentation and usability issues are resolved. I started hacking on them this morning and I just...don't care. I can't get motivated. The issue is still open, however, and I moved it into the next feature milestone.

(I think the greatest hope for getting this thing done in the near term would be if my favorite Safari user logged in during the next couple of weeks and re-lit the fire under my ass and inspired me to get the issue resolved. Otherwise...)

That said, this release does address a handful of general presentation and usability issues. It also refactors the way the API delivers user assets (i.e. settlements, survivors) to be more extensible and easier for the front-end guys to work with.

Release 2.13.73 is another major step forward for the V2 project.

In terms of V1 back-end improvements, the major progress here is some low-level refactoring to make requests to the API in a DRYer, simpler fashion. I also (finally) killed the old jQuery/AJAX "autoForm" dependency for no-refresh form submission, which feels awesome (because that thing was a pig and I've been hating it for close to a year).

None of those improvements are user-facing, per se, but it should improve overall performance and it makes the implementation of new features/functionality easier for me.

Working on my macro lens skills. Extreme close-up of a Founding Stone
on the Unarmored sprue.

Corrections and Fixes

  • V2: Fixed a bug where defeated monsters entered in the V1 webapp could not be retrieved from the API for meta data updates prior to entry into mdb.killboard
  • V2: fixed a bug where certain types of API authentication failures returned a 404 instead of a 401, making troubleshooting the last deploy way harder than it ought to have been
  • V1: deprecated some old warehouse-related config that I must have missed when I killed the V1 warehouse feature
  • V1: business logic for firing the "Game Over" event now checks to make sure that Death Count is >= 1. -csross
  • V1: addressed some presentation issues affecting disorder "cards" on the Survivor Sheet; flavor text is italic now and the gap between flavor text and survivor effect is no longer huge.
  • V1: the A&I text for the "Partner" A&I uses Miracle Worker's KDM font instead of the old icon.


  • V1: punched up the logging around rejecting game asset additions to survivors who already have the maximum number of that asset (e.g. A&Is).
  • V1: keyed in some more causes of death that I found in the production logs and the test DB.
  • V2: added a cause of death histogram function to for R&D purposes.
  • V1: created api.get_api_url() to automatically determine the API URL based on the current host. Should help with the deployment emergency issues like last night where we've got out of sync config files, etc.
  • V1: revised settings.cfg to support api.get_api_url() method for determining the API URL.
  • V2: revised serialize() methods for settlements and survivors to nest things more logically and in a more...iteration-friendly/transversable sort of way (see issue #158).
  • V1: revised API asset initialization methods in assets.Settlement and assets.Survivor classes to use new API structure.
  • V1: completely deprecated the interim/hack/workaround world.api_world() method.
  • V1: replaced old API requests from the settings.cfg file with calls to api.get_api_url() and now we're officially "all in" with the new, automated API connection methods
  • V1: completely deprecated the jQuery/AJAX "autoForm" dependency. Should help page load times significantly. Looking forward to finally being able to kick jQuery to the curb some day soon.
  • V1: hit box toggles now use the standard JS app methods for submitting changes without a refresh. I also moved the JS for hit box toggle effects from the HTML headers to the  kdmManager.js app.


  1. T, quick question:

    After I created a launcher icon on my Android tablet I cannot rotate the launcher by rotating the tablet. It's not really a big deal but can I change a setting somewhere to be able to rotate the manager?

    1. Yeah, I've had problems with that as well: it seems like if you run it in the browser, you get the responsive resizing, but if you create the "desktop app" shortcut, it locks you into a single display and doesn't rotate it.

      I remember checking it out back when I added support for the desktop icon thing and not finding a clear answer from Google on how/whether resizing is supposed to work.

      For now, I'll go ahead throw an issue onto the backlog for the current milestone ( ) and see if I can't figure something out.

      How does the Manuhunter support look? Have you had a chance to mess with the new Savior controls at all?

      Thanks again for using the Manager!

    2. Yes, I have unofficially. Everything looks great so far! My group is getting together Wednesday so we'll really get to test all the new changes officially then. :)

      Also, I hope you're in on the Kickstarter. It's shaping up to be a doozy.

    3. Awesome! Let me know how it goes.

      As far as the Kickstarter goes, please believe: I'm all the way in. the point of spending a self-destructive amount of money hahaha.

      Thanks again!