Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Change Log: 1.52.1160/2.14.76

Manhunter. Current mood: no use for a hat.

With release 1.52.1160, I am taking a break from features to work some bugs and resolve some issues before I start on feature work for the Campaign Summary refactor milestone.

Also, due to the insanity happening over on Kickstarter right now, usage of the manager has roughly quadrupled in the last three days, and the amount of feedback (in the form of issues, blog comments, etc.) is at an all-time high. The net result for the Manager is that I've been working a lot of issues/bugs, and 1.52.1160 includes a number of critical fixes for issues that have cropped up since the Monday release.

And, while I'm on the subject, I would like to take one more opportunity to say a very sincere "thank you!" to everyone who has submitted issues this week.Without feedback, it is very difficult for me to tell what is broken, what works and what doesn't work, and so on, so keep those emails/github issues/comments/etc. coming!

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and fixes

  • V1: fixed the bug where survivor sheet attrib numbers were blank and the math was...not working correctly.
  • V1: addressed an issue where a survivor with a removed intimacy partner's Survivor Sheet would not load (and threw a traceback instead). -rkm262
  • V1: fixed a bug where item names that had not been normalized correctly could be removed from Settlement Storage and threw a traceback. -lucky.shmuck
  • V1: fixed a bug where the bulk add survivor controls on the Settlement Sheet were broken during the last release. -manasven
  • V1: fix a real son-of-a-bitch of an order-of-operations bug preventing API asset initialization in cases where the session object had a valid 'current_settlement' key, but the key had not yet been changed into an ObjectId type object. Should clear up the log traffic about missing/incomplete API assets (that has been blowing up my spot for the last few days).
  • V1: addressed a usability issue where a weapon mastery remained in Settlement innovations even if no survivor possessed the ability. Removing mastery from a Survivor now also removes that mastery from Settlement innovations, if no other survivor has the mastery. -manasven


  • V1: added some better debugging around API asset retrieval intended to help troubleshoot occasional retrieval failures (and develop a retry routine)
  • V1: keyed in more random survivor and settlement names (based on things I cherry picked from the production DB)
  • V1: refactored settlement storage update methods for adding and removing items. Adding/removing now logs to the settlement event log, does "fuzzy" matching to help with malformed or errant user input and fails gracefully in the event of an error/issue, etc.
  • V1: punched up the logging around failed API asset retrieval to include session info for troubleshooting/debugging
  • V1: removed the hack-around settlements without an "expansions" list attribute in the assets.Settlement.render_html_form() and replaced it with assets.Settlement.get_expansions()
  • V2: revised classical inheritance for AssetCollection objects so that they initialize in a DRYer method that sets "type" and "handle" attributes in, rather than in individual models.
  • V2: keyed in weapon specializations and masteries into assets/; created models/ modules for initializing them as AssetCollection objects.
  • V2: settlement objects are now returned from the API with compatible "weapon_masteries" and "weapon_proficiencies" under the "game_assets" key.
  • V2: added "survivor_weapon_masteries" to the settlement serialization routine (under "user_assets").
  • V1: added get_current_view() method to session.Session (to decrease typing haha).
  • V1: the assets.Survivor.rm_game_asset() method now calls assets.Settlement.validate_weapon_masteries() at the end of its run.


  1. You da man, Timothy! Fyi: last night went very smoothly. We personally didn't spot any major bugs during our group play. This week I'll be playing solo so I'll report any bugs I find.


    When you first encounter the Manhunter all survivors' survival is reset to 0. It was very tedious clicking on each survivor to reduce survival to 0 (we had around 19 survivors at the time). Is there a way to reduce ALL settlement survivors attributes instead of just the departing ones?

    1. Awesome! Glad it worked out well for you.

      Please do let me know what you find: I'm trying to spend this week paying down technical debt (read: fixing bugs/errors), so anything you spot will get prioritized up to the top.

      As far as incrementing/decrementing (or just plain setting) attributes for all survivors, there are currently no features of the Manager that accomplish that.

      (In fact, that's one of the very, very few areas where it's probably still faster on paper! Writing "0" on 19 survivor sheets is way easier than clicking through 19 survivor sheets in the Manager, etc...)

      That said, I'll throw an issue onto the Github backlog to add controls like that to the Settlement Sheet so that settlement admins can basically mass-manage certain stats for all survivors in the settlement like they can manage the Departing Survivors from the Campaign Summary.

      I'll add it to the December 17th milestone and see if I can get it out early for you.

      Here's the details of the milestone I'm currently working towards:

      Thanks again for using the Manager!