Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Change Log: 1.52.1219 / 2.14.82

This tiny release includes a lot of monkey patches, i.e. "hot" fixes or adjustments that were pushed to production as I completed them.

(Turns out mega-release 1.52.1194 broke a bunch of stuff: even more than I originally would have guessed. But you know what they say about making an omelette...)

That said, release 1.52.1219 is not purely brea/fix and it is definitely not without new features. I am  off to a slower start that I would have liked, but in this release I am putting out a pretty big feature from the Campaign Summary refactor milestone.

Release 1.52.1219 includes the new Endeavor Token management feature, so be sure to try it out and let me know how it works (or doesn't work).

One high-level goals of the milestone is to open up the Campaign Summary as more of an active view and to make it part of the multiplayer experience by providing non-admin players views of the timeline, Settlement Storage, etc.

The Endeavor Token feature is the first tiny step in that direction.

Also, I finally bit the bullet, bought a web-license for using Silverado Medium Condensed and the main font of the Manager is now that. [source] There is still some...normalization of the presentation that has to happen for it to look the way I want it to look, but this release is a "first draft" over the over aeasthetic I'm trying to move us towards.

I'm also continuing to chip away at expansion support: look for Spidicules Expansion in the next couple/few days. I'll probably get around to adding support for the Slendarman Expansion, but maybe not for a little while yet.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V1: fixed a bug where changing a survivor's owner/email address on the Survivor Sheet threw a traceback.
  • V1: webfonts are no longer being retrieved from the old production environment. Should help page loads ever-so-slightly.
  • V1: styled the savior-related A&I flavor text to use the KD affinity colors instead of the wrong colors
  • V1: fixed a JS bug where the "Saved!" message wouldn't pop on the Survivor Sheet for certain operations.
  • V1: fixed a bug where settlement admins could not access the Settlement Sheet from the burger sidenav
  • V1: sign-in screen name and password are now HTML5 "required", which will prevent a bug where leaving the PW blank on a sign-in attempt silently fails you back to sign-in
  • V1: the "Candy & Cola" survivor no longer starts with 1 movemement.


  • V1: added response time table to admin panel; response time aggregate query now counts how many samples we have for each view.
  • V1: updating a survivor's owner or permissions no longer reloads the page.
  • V1: keyed in some more random survivor names (still trying to make it "feel" really random).
  • V1: added Endeavor Token management to the campaign summary. Only admins can use it.
  • V1: deprecated the "confirm_on_return" preference for popping a JS alert on Departing Survivors return. That's just mandatory now.
  • V1: email fields on Survivor management views now have onclick="this.select()" 
  • V2: moved causes of death out of game_assets.py and into the API; they are now serialized with the settlement's API asset.
  • V2: Models.AssetCollection.get_asset() now adds a 'handle' key if the asset doesn't have one of its own.
  • V2: serialized settlements now include "survival_actions" and "survival_actions_available" under the game_assets key.
  • V1: causes of death now come from the API when the CauseOfDeath model is initialized (when the settlement is initialized)
  • V1: returning living survivors automatically increments your endeavor token count if it is zero when they return.
  • V1: updated a few of the Dashboard "World" panel queries to refresh a little more frequently (for fresher info).
  • V1: changed the main font over from Quattrocento to Silverado Medium Condensed
  • V1: restyled dashboard alerts to look like core instruction book alerts. One more plank in the aesthetic recentrification platform...
  • V1: rewrote the "About" panel on the dashboard to include a very specific disclaimer.
  • V1: survivor links are no longer available from the Dashboard (because no one ever used them and they created issues re: correct API asset retrieval).
  • V1: created a nice AI of the endeavor token; exported it as a 300x300 png to use in the new endeavor controls
  • V1: re-styled the available endeavors panel on the Campaign Summary to be more legible and incorporate Silverado
  • V1: burger/sidenav "SIGN OUT" button now tells you who you're logged in as
  • V1: styled sidenav and cursed item controls to use Silverado strategically
  • V1: restyled the sign-in/register screens to look more KD-ish

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