Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Change Log: 1.52.1234 / 2.14.83

Ok, so here's the deal: today's earlier release (of the Endeavor Tokens feature) broke a lot of things for a lot of people, so this release tries to fix the major problems that the last release created.

Release 1.52.1234 also adds support for the Spidicules Expansion!

Now, you're probably asking yourself, isn't a pretty bad idea to roll out support for expansion right on the heels of what is ending up being a pretty badly botched release? Yes, it absolutely is, but a guy sent me an email and asked if I could double-time it on the Spidicules support and I'm still fired up from this afternoon's Mario Maker insanity, so I decided to disregard all of that and "do it live!"

Two new features ship with this release and support the expansion:

  • Fighting arts can have levels now (see the "Silk Surgeon" FA).
  • Storage items can add endeavors to the Campaign Summary view (see the "Serrated Fangs" resource)

Otherwise, this one's all break/fix.

...and I'll probably end up doing another break/fix type release tomorrow, as I plan to spend some time QAing all the new stuff that's recently gone into production and trying to work down some of my long-standing presentation issues.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V1: fixed an issue with the 'kd_alert' type pink error divs on user asset views.
  • V1: normalized presentation on kd_alert pink errors across all views.
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue where the Endeavor paddles floated above the top nav bar at wide resolution.
  • V1: fixed the presentation/alignment/normalization of the bulk add survivors button on the settlement sheet. Also switched it to kd-blue style.
  • V1: fixed a bug where "Scrap Smelting" could appear in a settlement's innovation deck twice.
  • V1: addressed a presentation issue in Firefox where the settlement asset links on the dashboard could overlap with other presentation elements.


  • V1: added Spidicules support:
    • Keyed in game assets
    • Added content definitions
    • Finished new UX/usability features required by the expansion (see below)
  • V1: Created a "timeline_rm" attribute for Expansion dictionary timeline content. Makes it so that expansion toggling works forwards and backwards: added events are removed when the Expansion is toggled off and removed events are added back when the expansion is toggled off.
  • V1: Fighting Arts can now modify survivor movement during addition.
  • V1: Campaign Summary innovations may have subtitles now; these are styled in innovation grey (rather than in an endeavor color, etc.)
  • V1: items in Settlement Storage that possess/unlock endeavors now have their endeavors listed on the Campaign Summary (see Spidicules' "Serrated Fangs").
  • V1: fighting arts can now have levels on survivors. These are controlled by a new Survivor method called, assets.Survivor.toggle_fighting_art_level(). Nice.
  • V2: keyed in a monster and an expansion dict for Spidicules to add him into Dashboard -> "World" numbers.
  • V1: moved dashboard campaign asset links code into its own HTML stub (and out of the shared asset link generic button code).
  • V1: multiplayer campaign links now list players on the Dashboard

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