Friday, December 9, 2016

Change Log: 1.53.1251

1.52.1251  isn't as focused on break/fix as I thought it would be: turns out that I didn't ruin the whole webapp with the big Spidicules push like I thought I might have.

In terms of corrections and fixes, there are a few--including a change of the "Pictograph" text to use the errata text from the FAQ--but most of them are pretty low-stakes and presentation-oriented.

I spent a good amount of time in this release cleaning up some known presentation issues and trying to keep the overall aesthetic moving in the direction of looking consistent with the general KD design elements in the core rules, etc.

There is one major new feature in 1.52.1251, however. Survivor Search has been added to the Campaign Summary view.

The big idea behind Survivor Search is that it helps you rapidly search through large populations of survivors for a particular Fighting Art, Disorder, Epithet, A&I or note on the Survivor's Sheet. Give it a shot! (Tip of the hat to /u/jeeshburger.)

Finally, keep an eye out for Slenderman Expansion support at some point in the next couple/few days: I'm going to finish up the few things I need for that and push them out ASAP.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V1: swapped out the 1.31 text for "Pictograph" with the errata text from the FAQ.
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue at wide resolution where the "Remove Principle" drop-down was outside of its box.
  • V1: fixed the spelling of the "Intracranial hemorrhage" A&I
  • V1: corrected an issue where the survivor attributes could sometimes block certain controls on the Survivor Sheet
  • V1: fixed a javascript bug where duplicate survivor notes could cause notes to not display at all.
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue on the modal controls for Survivor Sheet permanent affinities where the +/- on the paddles was off of the button at tablet width.
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue where the tooltip text on the Cursed Items modal controls for the Survivor Sheet was teeny-tiny at mobile width.
  • V1: fixed the h3/h4 distinctions on the Campaign Summary view so that the headings look consistent at all breakpoints


  • V1: created a little dogleg in the assets.Survivor.normalize() method to handle misspelled A&Is; using it presently to fix the "Intracranial hemmorhage" bug.
  • V1: created a survivor search feature on the Campaign Summary view that uses angularjs filtering to search survivors on Epithets, FAs, Disorders, A&Is and Survivor Sheet notes.
  • V1: changed a number of button styles from "success" to "kd_blue".
  • V1: styled the buttons for removing assets to use "kd_alert" and to glow pink (you know, to signal danger).
  • V1: rewrote and refactored both permanently remove buttons to include updated text, reformatted javascript alerts and new styles.
  • V1: cleaned up the styling of the modal controls on the Survivor and Settlement Sheet views. They're standardized on "kd_blue" buttons that span the whole block; the blocks float higher and wider. Presentation is cleaner and less cluttered at all breakpoints.
  • V1: refactored the markup on the modal Survivor Sheet affinity controls to give me more control over the layout/presentation of it.
  • V1: added tooltip type descriptions to the Survivor Sheet modal overlays.
  • V1: the preference to show controls for removing user assets (settlements and survivors) now applies to both types of assets and has been moved into "General" preferences
  • V1: new survivor view now puts the survivor's name into the create button
  • V1: new users (and ones who haven't specified a preference) will now default to only seeing the present year on their settlement timeline.


  1. Huge, huge thanks for the search survivors feature. I tested in very briefly but I can tell it's a wonderful add.

    Is there any way to add base attributes to the search survivor feature without creating too much of a pita?

    1. Glad you're finding it useful: /u/jeeshburger from /r/kingdomdeath brainstormed the idea, so he's the real mastermind (in case you're ever on there and you feel like making a shout-out haha).

      As far as adding attribs to the search, that's a really good idea and it is actually pretty easy for me to add them. I'll go ahead and throw those in there for the next release (and make sure the digits are searchable).

      I'll throw Hunt XP in there too.

      (Fair warning though, the upcoming release is a beast: I'm totally re-doing the Settlement Sheet and timeline, so it might be more towards the end of the week or into the weekend before its ready.)

      Keep the good ideas coming!

      And thanks for using the Manager!

    2. You bet.


      One small thing I did notice is that the manager considers saviors as "retired" once they hit the last xp milestone. The rule book states that they cease to exist, though. Our group considers this to be a "death" since they no longer are alive. How does that impact the survivor search? When you start searching for living survivors the retired saviors are on the list, but they no longer exist.

      Just something you may want to look at in case you want to change something. It's a minor issue for sure, though, in the grand scheme of things.