Monday, December 19, 2016

New Feature Demo: Enhanced Timeline controls!

As promised, I took a little time today to record another animated GIF demo showing off the general feature set and workflow for the Enhanced Timeline.

The Enhanced Timeline will ship with the Anniversary Release (i.e. later this week) and, in addition to being accessible from all views (e.g. Campaign Summary, Settlement Sheet, Survivor Sheet, etc.) it will integrate the old Settlement Event log.

The best feature, however, is the integration with the Departing Survivors management controls: without any refreshes or reloads, the Departing Survivor controls have the ability to update the Timeline automatically.

At any rate, check out this mobile resolution demo to get a general sense of how the workflow will look.

The Anniversary Release still still on track to be completed on or around Wednesday, but presently, I'm thinking I might take an extra day with it to make sure I feel good about how legacy user data will migrate, etc. before I roll it out.

More on that as I have it.

Thanks for using the Manager!

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