Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Anniversary Update is delayed

A graph from GitHub showing development activity since the project began.

I got a couple of emails about the Anniversary Update, so I figured I should check in and say a few things about why the update hasn't gone out yet and how progress is going generally.

The tl;dr is that the update is late because I'm not done with it yet, but I am still working hard on getting it ready.

Hit the jump for complete details, including some teaser screen captures and a little info on the top-secret V2 project.

New timeline controls at tablet resolution.
First, I realize that I originally said that I was going to push the update into production before Christmas, but on the Wednesday of that week, I was still missing important features and had not had any time to do any kind of in-depth testing.

The update just wasn't ready last week, and if I had released it as it was back then, it would have broke a lot of stuff over the holiday that I wouldn't have been able to fix in a timely fashion, etc.

Second, I should say that the update still is not ready. There are a few reasons for that.

The first reason is, as the graph above shows, the Anniversary Update is massive: adds more than 10 major new features and overhauls the back-end and the API. As of today, I have about two major pieces of work to do before I consider the update "complete" (redesigns of the player management controls and Settlement Sheet Innovations management). Once those two things are done, the update will be complete.

New Settlement Sheet at tablet resolution.
Once the update is complete, I need to make sure that all of the presentation works on both the target platform (i.e. Windows Desktop/Chrome) and the other supported platforms (Android/Mobile Chrome, iOS/iPad).

All of that is going to eat up at least the next two or three days at least.

The second reason that the update is late is that, since I haven't finished it, I haven't had time to test it out yet, and testing it out is going to take longer than usual with this release, since it actually modifies the data model (i.e. the back-end database stuff) substantially and will actually migrate existing data when released.

Manager releases don't usually futz with the data model and making sure that I don't do any damage to anyone's data is worth taking some extra time, I think.

The third reason that the update is late is that I've been doing a lot of work on the API to facilitate the other developers' work on the not-yet-officially-announced V2 project. I have also been working on some other...assets, let's say, for that project.

I can't really spill the beans on the V2 stuff, but I can say that there's going to be an announcement very soon.

Finally, my new goal is to have the Anniversary Update rolled out into production by this weekend: I want to have it live by Sunday at the absolute latest.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

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