Thursday, January 5, 2017

Change Log: 2.1.129

Alright, so after the unfortunate, badly-botched, shotgun deployment of the Anniversary Release, it should come as no surprise that 2.1.129 is mostly corrections, fixes and finishing touches for the Anniversary Release.

I apologize again for the total face-plant/disasterpiece of a deployment. I tried really hard not to have to do too much day-of monkey-patching, etc., but I missed the mark by a pretty wide margin and that's on me.

Moving on, as I mentioned above, this one corrects a bunch of major bugs/errors/issues in the AR, and I would like to make a special shout-out to Jonahdel G, who put me on to a major bug that was affecting all settlements using expansion content.

I will continue to work on smoothing out/stabilizing the AR for the rest of this week, I think, and then get back to work on the Campaign Summary refactor milestone and adding support for the Slenderman expansion.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a webapp bug where resurrecting survivors would throw a traceback because of bad log formatting. -eshuvaev
  • The cause of death "-" (i.e. no selection) no longer shows up in the top 10 causes of death on the dashboard.
  • Latest settlement "expansions" lists on the Dashboard->"World" panel no longer include underscores (and show pretty titles instead).
  • Resolved a z-index issue where clicking outside of the sidenav did not cause it to close when viewing the Campaign Summary. -Jonahdel
  • Fixed a bug where expansion game assets could not be selected on the Settlement and Survivor Sheets. -Jonahdel
  • Fixed an issue where survivors with double quote characters in their name did not show those names on the Survivor Sheet. -Jonahdel
  • Addressed a wide resolution presentation issue where Survivor Sheet "bonuses" (settlement buffs) had the wrong font and huge text.

Application Improvements

  • The session.current_view_failure() wrapper now sends an email to site admins if a current view fails to render and causes a user to be logged out (i.e. site-admin class user render failures do not generate an email.
  • Setting and updating survivor cause_of_death is now specifically logged (at debug).
  • Addressed some wide resolution Campaign Summary presentation issues affecting settlements with no survivors:
    • the pink kd_alert div explaining how to add users is no longer gigantic (and looks like the dashboard_alert div).
    • "Special Rules" blocks no longer overlap LY/Survival Limit info
    • normalized some font-size issues
  • Improved the UX around the buttons that add survivors to the Departing Survivors group:
    • clicking the button now displays the full-page loader, preventing double-clicks
    • the back-end operation is now a toggle, so bogus/bad attempts to add to or remove from will no longer throw a traceback (though they might not do what the user intended).
    • Settlement Event Logging as well as debug logging are vastly improved

API Improvements

  • CORS header stuff is now ONLY done in the API request router (i.e. the Flask application). All header tampering has been removed from the production nginx config.
  • Running queries from the CLI now engages a query_debug mode, which prints a ton of extra info to the world.log (in addition to a bunch of helpful stuff to stdout).

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