Friday, January 6, 2017

Change log: 2.1.146

Release 2.1.146 is part two of the Anniversary Release patch.

This one is mostly dedicated to stabilizing the AR and resolving issues that I've observed in the logs or gotten emails about, etc. The good news is that this is probably going to be the last one of these: I think the new features/functionality of the Manager are pretty stable at present, and I feel like I'll be ready to start working on features again soon.

Which reminds me: there is actually one new feature that goes out in this release. Settlements with the "Survival of the Fittest" principle will now see a toggle on their Survivor Sheets where they can manage whether the survivors has used the once per lifetime SotF reroll.

At any rate, assuming no other major bugs emerge in the near term, the plan for now is to get back to work on the Campaign Summary refactor and adding support for the Slenderman.

Look for more updates early next week.

And thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Addressed a tablet resolution presentation issue where the MOTD/kd_alert message box on the dashboard could sometimes cover the bottom panel
  • Fixed a tablet resolution presentation issue where the settlement name was invisible on the Settlement Sheet.
  • Added The Tyrant to the PotStars campaign as a special showdown. -Jonahdel
  • Fixed a bug where milestone story events were added to the Settlement Event Log repeatedly.
  • Number input spinner/tumbler controls are now hidden in Firefox.
  • Fixed a JS bug in media/campaignSummary.js where the $scope.userCanManage() method had unreachable code.
  • Survivor Sheet affinities squares (beneath epithets) are now centered at tablet and mobile resolution. Boxes should no longer be obscured by other controls at mobile resolution.
  • Fixed a wide resolution issue where certain timeline icons had arbitrary right margins.
  • Adding Special Showdown "target" monsters from Campaign Summary Departing Survivor controls no longer adds None/blank/null timeline entries. -Jonahdel
  • "Protect the Young" no longer appears on PotSun Settlement Sheets as a New Life option.
  • The "Save Changes and Reload" button on the Campaign Notes controls works now.

Application Improvements

  • Campaign Notes pointer is now a cursor (to help hint that the notes are clickable/interactive, etc.).
  • Non-admin users clicking on timeline controls no longer throws cascading JS errors (it prints a concise console.warn instead).
  • Clicking the refresh button (in the upper right) now shows the full page loading spinner immediately (to prevent users from accidentally activating a control after starting the reload, which results in the control being ignored).
  • Application server nginx config now GZIPs html, css, js, etc. files.
  • Posting failures (e.g. posting JSON to the API) now display an error dialog (in kd_alert pink) in a fashion similar to the way that the saved dialog works.
  • utils.get_latest_post() now retrieves posts with V2 tags (because we're V2 now).
  • Added a SotF re-roll toggle to PotSun survivor sheets.
  • Updated the "About" text to discuss rules.

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