Sunday, January 8, 2017

Change log: 2.1.167

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Courtesy of our little announcement on /r/kingdomdeath, yesterday was one of the busiest days on the Manager in a long time.

Hello new people!

The huge influx of traffic ultimately ended up being kind of a good news/bad news situation, however, and that is reflected in today's little release.

The good news is that a lot of people got to check out the system and are signed up to learn more about The Watcher. Close to 100 people signed up for the Manager for the first time today and something like 300 or so have signed up to get announcements about The Watcher.

That's really good!

The bad news, however, is that a lot of people ran into some of the leftover issues from the Anniversary Release (and a couple from the addition of Spidicules support, which actually went live before the AR). The consequence of all of that activity is release 2.1.167, which is the third (and hopefully final) patch of the AR.

(Which, if you think about it, is also maybe kind of good news because the bugs were discovered and I'm able to deal with them now, so...I guess if you're philosophical about it...)

At any rate, I'm going to file this one under "good things come in threes", I guess, and, with any luck, this will be the last release that will be fully devoted to stabilizing the AR, and I can get back to work on Slenderman support, other new feature development and work on The Watcher.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a duck-typing error where all preferences were saved as True (no matter what). Keep an eye on those bools, kids! -JE
  • Fixed a bug where "First Story" survivors were not automatically added to the Departing Survivors group.
  • Addressed an issue where survivors with non-integer type attribute values could cause certain operations to throw a traceback (and fail silently).
  • Fixed a bug where disabling the dynamic innovation deck user preference caused the Settlement Sheet to fail to display a drop-down for adding innovations-dakotareasbeck
  • Fixed an issue where a location named "undefined" could show up in the Settlement Sheet locations picker.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the "Silk-Refining" innovation from being selectable on the Settlement Sheet when Spidicules expansion content is enabled.
  • Addressed an issue where removing expansion content could cause the "Error" pop-up to appear (even though the operation saved successfully). -pbenfell
  • Fixed a mobile width presentation issue where the Survivor Sheet top nav bar could obscure the top part of a survivor's name.
  • Addressed a presentation situation where a new Survivor's Survivor sheet at wide resolution has its bottom controls obscured by the survivor attribute icons.
  • Addressed an issue where adding "silk" type resources/strange resources to settlement storage caused tracebacks. -dakotareasbeck
  • Fixed an order of operations bug in the new code that auto-alerts on certain types of view rendering failures that threw a traceback while trying to report a traceback. -Jonahdel
  • JS reloads nolonger re-POST forms (i.e. location.reload() no longer happens when innovations are updated, etc.).

Application Improvements

  • Principles that affect "current" survivors now automatically apply their bonus upon selection. Un-setting the principle removes the bonus. Toggling to a different principle should have the same effect.
  • Setting the same principle twice no longer unapplies and then applies the principle (it just fails gracefully).
  • Parameter processing failures now send alert/panic/error emails to site admins (we were formerly only doing render errors, but that doesn't catch API failures, which we need to catch).
  • Survivor Sheet attrib icons now have a nice drop shadow.
  • Survivor Sheet cause of death ("Controls of Death!") options now come from the API; legacy/interim cause of death code has been removed/deprecated.
  • The Controls of Death! have been totally refactored! They now nudge users in the direction of picking an option from the drop-down, rather than doing a custom or just pressing the button, and also have simpler controls that allowed me to remove a lock of back-end hacks/kludges around setting and updating survivor COD, etc.
  • Rewrote the arrayContains() method of kdmManager.js so that it no longer spams bogus errors to the JS console on Survivor Sheet load.
  • Auto-submitting forms/select elements now display the full page loader once clicked.

API Improvements

  • Timelines with "missing" lantern years are now automatically repaired when add/rm methods for timeline events try to operate on them.
  • Migrating legacy settlements to the API now skips un-migrate-able monsters and gracefully drops them (and their encounters, if they were a nemesis) from the settlement sheet. -leky
  • Migrated causes of death from the legacy application to the API. 
  • The models.settlements.get_available_assets() method now supports the ability to return assets organized by handles, or just as a list of dictionaries (more JSON-ish and probably the go-forward standard).

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