Sunday, January 22, 2017

Change Log: 2.3.213

This tiny release corrects some of the typos and minor usability issues introduced in the last release, as well as a major, application-breaking JS issue affecting Firefox and Safari.

Special shout-out to uffevind and jwsrex for checking in right away on the Firefox/Safari bug.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where GKA/Slenderman locations threw warnings into the logs due to incorrect data entry.
  • Fixed a bug where Location options didn't render on Settlement Sheets for "The Green Knight" campaign.
  • Addressed a major JS issue affecting Safari and Firefox where Locations and Innovations could not be added to the Settlement Sheet.
  • The pseudo-location "Green Knight Armor" no longer shows up in Settlement Sheet locations options
  • Addressed an issue preventing Settlement Sheet location updates from succeeding in Firefox and Safari. The fix temporarily disables XHR callback operations in kdmManager.js (specifically in the modifyAsset() method in the main namespace). -uffevind, jwsrex

Application Improvements

  • Beefed up the failure logging in kdmManager.js to spam more info to the console when a "norefresh" type legacy app XHR POST operation fails.
  • Refactored the Settlement Sheet refresh method used in settlementSheet.js (reloadSheet() in the main namespace) so that it uses a bogus/hidden form on the sheet and does a more...natural-looking refresh than the pure JS way.

API Improvements

  • Added "Light-Forging" and "Green Knight Armor" locations to the API-side location assets dictionary.

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