Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Change Log: 2.4.254

Release 2.4.254 is primarily focused on API enhancements required by The Watcher and laying some groundwork for some future enhancements/optimizations to the Manager.

(Speaking of The Watcher, if you're not doing it already, follow The Watcher on Twitter: once user-facing stuff starts to become available, that will be the major channel for updates/statuses, etc.)

2.4.254 also contains a few bug fixes, and most of them either came directly from users or were the indirect result of other user feedback. Thanks to everyone who has written in over the last week!

And thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where minimum population was calculated incorrectly after survivors were removed. -gravitylord20
  • Fixed an API bug where models.settlements.get_innovations() was still using names (rather than handles) and broke a bunch of other methods. 
  • Addressed a presentation issue affecting the wide resolution expansion content controls where the save button position was random/not set.
  • Fixed a legacy app bug where Survival Actions did not display correctly on the Survivor Sheet after their prereq innovations had been added to the Settlement Sheet. -akuchman
  • Added "Dodge" to the "available_survival_actions" element (by default).

Application Improvements

  • utils.to_handle() in the legacy app now converts hyphens to underscores and strips incoming names.
  • Created a little helper in that bootstraps the game asset conversion process by suggesting handles instead of names and dumping a 'jumping-off point' dictionary to STDOUT.
  • Added a little warning to the expansion content controls about how disabling an expansion after you've added assets from it can break your settlement.
  • Refactored the legacy app's assets.Settlement.get_survival_actions() to use the API's settlement-level available_survival_actions element, rather than processing all of the settlement's innovations on every Survivor Sheet render.

API Improvements

  • Serialized settlements now have a functional JSON element called "available_survival_actions"
  • models.settlements.normalize_data() now creates a "custom_epithets" list on all settlements that haven't got it. 
  • Ported epithets from the legacy app to the API (and added one or two new ones).
  • Updated world.get_top() method to support popularity contest queries for document attributes that are lists (we already support strings, e.g. 'name', etc.)
  • Wrote a "top innovations" query, but can't think of a good way to normalize it without spinning up an asset collection etc., so it's going to chill for a while.
  • Ported epithets from to the API. Created a model for initializing an assetCollection object of epithets.

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