Sunday, March 26, 2017

Change Log: 2.5.307

Release 2.5.307 is primarily a break/fix release that corrects the numerous issues introduced in Monday's 2.5.293 release.

This release also refactors/redesigns a lot of the back-end code involved in managing user sessions and JWT authorization and enhances the API documentation.

There's not much else to say about 2.5.307, but I will say that we had a conference call this morning about how we want to do the alpha/pre-release stuff for The Watcher, and we've got a go-forward plan on that.

If you are a.) interested in participating in the alpha/pre-release preview and b.) you are a current user of the Manager, make sure you are on our registration list: it won't be long until we start reaching out to you guys to take a look at what we've been working on!

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Updated production Nginx config to include a server-level directive that allows very large request headers to be passed along by the webserver.
  • The "World" panel's "Latest Settlement" no longer features the campaign's handle (it features the name now).
  • The "World" panel's campaign popularity contest no longer features counts of campaign handles (it's all names now).
  • Fixed logging to include user login/id info (instead of the None reference to the not-yet-existent User object).
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to remove a disorder that the survivor does not have results in a traceback. -pmonkey
  • Addressed an API issue where always_available lists could contain duplicates.
  • Fixed a bug where older data model settlement 'campaign' attributes were not defaulting in the legacy app (or converting correctly in the API) and the failure threw a traceback. -silent_giant002
  • Updated the JS app to send Innovation levels with handles (instead of names).

Application Improvements

  • Added more "random" survivor/settlement names. It still doesn't feel very "random" to me, even though there's a ton of random options...
  • Redid the right panel in the admin console. Added administrator user info to it. Removed the killboard (which is interesting, but not exactly administrative) and moved page load stats onto the right panel. I also cleaned up the left side panel. All of this is transitional: the admin panel will be moving to the API soon (i.e. out of the legacy app).
  • Removed the absolute positioned environment/app info from the panel and added a new right panel child to show it.
  • Improved to validate the JWT token on initialization and refresh it if necessary.
  • Failure to refresh your JWT token now logs you out of the app. Because security.
  • Removing disorders from survivors now uses assets.Survivor.rm_game_asset() and gets the good logging and the graceful failures and what not.

API Improvements

  • The models.settlements.Settlement.get_campaign() now supports the 'name' return_type value (which gets you the name from the asset definition as a string).
  • Updated/expanded the documentation and fixed a couple of formatting inconsistencies. Significantly, all available/extant settlement update methods are now documented. -khoa
  • Fully documented how to write Authorization headers when accessing "private" routes.
  • Documented all currently implemented settlement 'macro' methods (e.g. for doing intelligent/assisted settlement updates/operations).
  • Deprecated the /refresh_authorization route.
  • Created new authorization routes: /authorization/refresh and /authorization/check
  • JWT tokens no longer include the whole serialized user. They're just the mdb info now.
  • Added jsonize() method to models.users.User object for lazy/fast JSON representation of the user MDB document.
  • The 'set_innovation_level' method of the models.settlements.Settlement object now explicitly checks for a handle (instead of being ambiguous about name/handle, which was a transitional hack for legacy settlements, etc.).
  • The /new_settlement route now shows available 'special' options for settlement creation (e.g. "First Story" macro, etc.

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