Monday, July 17, 2017

Change Log: 2.24.521

Release 2.24.513 did not break as many things as I expected it to, so this follow-up release is not very extensive, but should clear up a the major/disruptive issues introduced in the last one.

Specifically, the bugs affecting the automatic application of settlement principle buffs (specifically the "Conviction" principles) and weapon mastery are addressed. Problems with updating survivor sex and retirement status are also addressed.

As of right now, I think I will probably do one more 'stabilizing' release this week as minor issues trickle in (assuming they do trickle in).

After that, there will not be another major release of the Manager until mid-August. Thanks for your patience.

And thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Addressed an issue where settlement principles "Barbaric" and "Romantic" were not automatically incrementing Strength/Understanding. -KW
  2. Removed/deprecated some legacy attributes from weapon mastery asset definitions that was causing them to apply to new/current survivors incorrectly.

Application Improvements

  1. Re-implemented toggle controls for Survivor Sheet 'retire' button in angularjs
  2. Removed a number of modify() controls from Survivor and Settlement class methods in
    1. Survivor name/rename
    2. Settlement add/remove defeated monster
    3. Settlement add/remove quarry
    4. Settlement add/remove/increment nemesis
  3. Deprecated a number of Survivor and Settlement class methods from
    1. Settlement get_nemeses()
    2. Settlement update_quarries()
  4. Created a setRetired() method in the survivorSheet.js survivorSheetController controller.
  5. Moved updateSex() method into the survivorSheetController controller; deleted the hilariously named, but ultimately pointless sexController controller from survivorSheet.js.
  6. The Survivor Sheet input for changing survivor sex now fires on blur, rather than on change.

API Improvements

  1. Added 'favorite' to the list of Survivor Sheet attributes that get duck-typed to Boolean values during the duck_type() method of the Survivor class.
  2. Created a set_retired() method in the Survivor class. Documented it.
  3. Enhanced the Survivor class update_all_survivors() method so that it can handle A&I lists
  4. The Settlement class add_innovation() and rm_innovation() methods now processes 'current_survivors' attributes of innovations, e.g. weapon mastery types, etc.


  1. Hi Timothy, is there a way to submit small stuff like typos which doesn't worth creating an issue? What about rare suggestions? :)

    1. If you've got something like typos or other editing errors, I would actually prefer if it you used the "Report an Issue" feature of the webapp: those reports go straight to my email along with a bunch of other info that makes them easier for me to file/organize.

      As far as suggestions/comments/ideas, the "Report an Issue" feature is good for that as well. Or these blog comments. Direct email works as well. Whatever works for you.