Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Change Log: 2.24.539

Release version 2.24.539 tidies up some minor UI/UX annoyances on the SurvivorSheet. It also ties the javascript downloads to the release version number, so we should have fewer cache-related user issues from now on. 

The release adds no new functionality, but I suppose you could call 2.24.539 a "quality of life" release. 

With any luck, this tiny release will be the last release until the end of August.

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Addressed an issue where directly updating the Survivor Sheet attribute tumblers did NOT save the changes back via API call.
  2. Addressed a related issue where manual input into the tokens/gear base values did not immediately calculate correctly on the sheet.
  3. Fixed an issue where deleting the values in the Survivor Sheet attribute inputs would throw a (harmless) API error.

Application Improvements

  1. The legacy webapp's assets.ua_decorator() decorator has been updated to return the application version, which is used to "version tag" the various javascript files. I have embraced the hack. -lcolls113
  2. Deprecated the refresh() method in kdmManager.js, which was used exclusively by the Survivor Sheet attribute tumblers, and replaced it with improved ng-blur handling that uses the controller in survivorSheet.js
  3. Removed the vestigial attributeController from kdmManager.js.
  4. Added setBase() and setDetail() methods to the survivorSheet.js controller attributeController to fix the issue where direct input element modifications were not saved on blur.
  5. Survivor Sheet "secondary" attributes (Courage, Hunt XP, etc.) now update on blur, rather than on change, and null values are automatically corrected to zero.

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