Monday, August 21, 2017

Change Log: 2.24.558

I'm back!

Release 2.24.558 is a tiny break/fix release that addresses a few user-reported bugs and cleans up a couple of annoying UI/UX issues.

Now that I am back from vacation/moving, regular updates and work on The Watcher will resume and the next release will pick up where I left off on optimizing the Survivor Sheet by expanding the API's ability to support survivor management operations.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Added the "Iron Will" A&I (from the "Open Maw" Settlement Event), which was missing. -Liam Collins
  2. Fixed a bug where A&Is could not be removed from the Survivor Sheet due to a bad commit. -Liam Collins
  3. Monkey patched an issue that caused the legacy app's "World" panel to fail to load when the current hunt's party had certain characteristics.
  4. Addressed an issue where adding certain Fighting Arts could throw a traceback (because they tried to automatically add an epithet via the legacy webapp, which is no longer supported). -gekigangar
  5. Toggling expansion content while viewing a Survivor Sheet no longer throws console errors; it also re-initializes the survivor now.
  6. Fixed a few of UI/UX issues with the timeline controls:
    1. Ending a Lantern Year now hides the controls for that Lantern Year
    2. The current Lantern Year is now accurately reflected in the controls.
    3. Addressed an issue where a settlement sheet re-init could prevent Timeline operations from going through, depending on latency.
  7. Addressed a presentation issue where the button to add a settlement note displayed incorrectly at tablet resolution.
  8. Addressed an issue where toggling a Survivor Sheet status flag (e.g. "Cannot use Fighting Arts") would sometimes not work in higher latency conditions.
  9. Fixed a couple of issues with the "Rival's Scar" A&I from Spidicules:
    1. It is not selectable from the drop-down when Spidicules content is enabled
    2. Adding the A&I no longer decreases survivor Evasion
  10. Fixed an issue in api/ where asset base class methods initialized using asset names (rather than handles), causing different assets with identical names to NOT be initialized as part of an AssetCollection object.
  11. Added the "Acid Palms" A&I to the expansion A&Is for Gorm (as a new handle). -Liam Collins
  12. Fixed a bug that prevented campaign-specific location exclusion rules from being enforced by the Settlement Sheet drop-down.

Application Improvements

  1. Cleaned up some of the epithet color boxes (mostly for expansion-specific epithets) so that they don't get the default border color and look weird.
  2. Set up a new public dev environment:
    1. Updated production DNS so that requests for are forwarded to the old Linode VPS
    2. Created a nginx config (/v1/nginx/dev) that more or less clones the /v1/nginx/production file.
  3. Refreshing/reloading the current view from the Expansions panel now closes the panel and shows the full page loader (to prevent subsequent clicks, etc.).
  4. Updated the favicon.ico to be the new lantern design.
  5. Removed deprecated JS element $rootScope.current_ly and all references to it from kdmManager.js and
  6. Keyed in missing Sunstalker Resources. -yaseiko

API Enhancements

  1. The api/Models/get_handles() method now sorts on asset names if all of the collection's assets have a 'name' key.
  2. AssetCollection objects now tolerate identical 'name' attributes (so long as handles differ).

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