Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Change Log: 2.24.559

This release implements the first draft of the API's admin panel.

This doesn't really mean anything to you as a user, but the legacy webapp's admin panel is my primary insight into who is doing what with the Manager, and it helps me pick up on unreported bugs, issues, workarounds, etc.

Expect another tiny release in the very near future as I continue to work on getting this new panel cleaned up and workable.

Application Improvements

  1. Added "Detective Cap" and "Twilight Revolver" to White Box/promo content. Updated the "White Box" expansion description text

API Enhancements

  1. Campaign asset definitions that forbid the "Lantern Hoard" location now also forbid the "Exhausted Lantern Hoard"
  2. Moved API HTML assets out of the confusingly-named "templates" folder and into a folder called "html" (don't say I never did anything for you)
  3. Implemented an API admin panel:
    1. setup HTTP basic auth as a login (using Flash-HTTPAuth, which is kickass)
    2. created CSS/JS basics for a simple, modular, responsive display
    3. created meta, World Daemon and World summary boxes
    4. Fleshed out the world.meta element to include some basic stats relevant to the admin panel (e.g. active user count, etc.)
    5. Implemented World/admin data refresh at 60 second intervals without page refresh
    6. Created panel.py to implement Admin Panel specific methods, etc.
    7. Created panel.active_users() method to create active_users JSON for the panel
    8. Implemented a basic view of users with recent activity
    9. Added a User Agent popularity contest panel
    10. Created panel.serialize_system_logs() to dump logs to the panel.
  4. Added the "value_type" attribute to all World stats
  5. In the world.world JSON, the keys are now sorted by the asset's name

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