Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Change Log: 2.27.614

Release 2.27.614 adds a "random" option to the top of the Fighting Arts picker and corresponding support in the API.

(The changes in this release should have gone out earlier, but...I'm an idiot.)

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Application Improvements

  1. Added the orderObjectBy() filter method to the kdmManager.js root application. Shoutout to Justin Klemm.
  2. Added a 'random' Fighting Art option to the Fighting Arts picker on the Survivor Sheet.

API Development

  1. Removed the very Survivor-class specific (and duplicatively named) get_asset() method from the UserAsset() base class methods in Models.py
  2. Replaced the call to self.get_asset() in the Survivor add_game_asset() and rm_game_asset() methods with a call to a new module named asset_operation_preprocess() that inflicts some staging/setup business logic on those request workflows.
  3. Added support for the pseudo-handle ("magic" handle) '_random' in the Survivor's add_game_asset() method.
  4. Blurring off of the Fighting Arts picker refreshes the picker. So does selecting a Fighting Art. Basically, you're always getting a picker refresh and you're going to see the default option, no matter what.
  5. Updated the documentation for add_user_asset() to reflect the '_random' convention.

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