Sunday, October 22, 2017

1.5 Support Coming Monday! will be upgraded to support 1.5 rules and assets tomorrow, Monday, October 23rd.

Given the architecture of both the API and the webapp, there is no way to simultaneously support both releases of the game, so when the next release of the Manager goes out tomorrow afternoon, everything will be upgraded to 1.5.

If you are interested in either following my progress on upgrading the Manager (or in seeing what basically amounts to a 1.5 change log), check out my project board on GitHub.

Otherwise, expect 1.5 support to arrive on Monday.

(And another small release of fixes/enhancements to arrive either Tuesday or Wednesday.)

Thanks for using the Manager!


  1. Seems to be quality post service over there ;)

    1. Haha--yeah: all my KD stuff comes via USPS, whose standard approach to delivering parcels involves storing them in a rock tumbler and then firing them out of a cannon.