Saturday, October 28, 2017

Change Log: 2.46.883

Alright, release 2.46.883 is your standard post-release, break/fix release: it doesn't really contain any new features/functionality per se, but it does contain a few quality of life improvements for the legacy webapp.

Notable features of this release:

  • Fixes the numerous, minor problems with the Timeline: it's now 100% 1.5 compatible.
  • The Settlement Event log now will highlight certain (special) settlement events.
  • Departing Survivor management controls now include buttons to +1/-1 survivor Hunt XP
  • Moving survivors to the Departing Survivors group on the Campaign Summary view no longer blocks controls while it refreshes.

As usual, hit the jump for the complete notes and thanks for using the Manager!

And special thanks to everyone who has checked in with an issue in the last 24 hours!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Fixed an Admin Panel bug where settlement event logs failed to display.
  2. Settlement logs were returned by get_event_log() in chronological order (and should have been in reverse chron).
  3. Monkey-patched a bug that prevented users from creating new settlements with non-random names (by throwing a traceback). -KE
  4. Addressed an issue in new settlement creation where the event log could look weird if the user entered their own settlement name.
  5. Fixed a bug where timeline LY updates did not save.
  6. Timeline is now in reverse chronological order (oldest events first).
  7. Fixed the bug fix for the broken "King's Step" FA handle (which was not saving).
  8. Fixed an issue where bad/broken asset handles threw non-fatal errors (and junked up my logs).

Application Enhancement

  1. The Timeline now shows Settlement Events before Story Events (and showdowns...they're absolutely first now) in accordance with the 1.5 way of doing things.
  2. The stub that creates the legacy webapp head element is now a template (instead of a string w/ random string substitution).
  3. Added settlement_event_log.css file to start to style the settlement event log better.
  4. Added event log color hooks (just a few for now) to the Timeline.
  5. Departing Survivor management controls now include Hunt XP (because manually updating everyone's Hunt XP was a major bummer).
  6. Moving survivors to the 'Departing' and 'Available' groups no longer blocks controls.

API Development

  1. Added a tiny spinner to the Admin Panel that shows up when refreshing recent settlements (which can take quite a bit longer than the normal asset refresh and thus needs its own spinner).
  2. API failure/error enhancement:
    1. Removed the (not very good in dev and useless in production) exception/error logging decorator methods in and replaced them with calls in to the built-in (i.e. Flask's application.errorhandler)
    2. Wrote a generic errorhandler route in that hikes exceptions to a module that sends alerts.
    3. Generic exceptions will now barf their exception back at the requester via HTTP response. -Khoa
    4. Created an API error email template and a method in to populate the template.
  3. Keyed in a couple of new epithets and names.
  4. The Settlement's get_survivors() method, when called with 'initialize' as its return_type value, runs the individual survivors' bug_fixes() method and forces a save (if necessary).

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