Thursday, November 2, 2017

Change Log: 2.48.922

I said yesterday that I wasn't going to put a new release of the Manager into production for a while, but I ended up getting some pretty significant bug/error/usability issues from users on /r/KingdomDeath yesterday.

Mostly by accident (since I'm terrible at this and totally scatterbrained about branches) I ended up working those issues on a feature branch that I started a couple of weeks back and, long story short, I've got a release to put into production today.

Release 2.48.922 mostly implements break/fix and performance optimizations for the Dashboard.

The release also implements a new feature I call 'survivor tags', which are basically little informational items that appear beneath a survivor's vital stats on the Campaign Summary view. For now, they only include Fighting Arts, Disorders and A&Is, though I have some vague plans for expanding the feature in the future (once I know more about Advanced KD:M).

Finally, this will be the last release of the Manager for a while (I mean it this time). I'm going to take some time to start working on subscriber-only features and the next major release of the Manager will include the first one of those.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Fixed a CSS parsing bug that broke some of the settlement event log styling that should have been going on in the timeline.
  2. Addressed a problem in kdmManager.js method favoriteFilter() where (legacy data model) survivors without a 'favorite' attribute could cause JS errors and break the Campaign Summary page render.

Application Enhancements

  1. Revised the dashboard to load settlements one at a time, e.g. to improve responsiveness and give users a sense that progress is happening, etc. Also addresses the problem of browser user-friendliness timing out requests.
  2. Implemented "Survivor Tags" on the Campaign Summary view.
  3. The World's panels on the Dashboard are hidden until the world is retrieved from the API.
  4. The World panel now has a loading (lantern) spinner.

API Development

  1. Enhanced the API Admin Panel to include a spinner and, if necessary, some dynamic failure message display for the user data panel.
  2. Revised the models.users.User.serialize() methods for 'dashboard' type serialization to completely avoid initializing settlements: 'dashboard' elements 'settlements' and 'campaigns' are now lists of OIDs.
  3. Added /settlement/get_summary/<oid> route for when you want settlement details, but you're in a hurry (haha).
  4. Documented the new route.
  5. Survivor normalize() removes the deprecated 'ability_customizations' attribute.

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