Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Change Log: 2.52.1009

Release 2.52.1009 is a break/fix release that does not add any new front-end functionality to the Manager.

Given the amount of back-end upheaval going on lately in the ramp up to the upcoming alpha release of The Watcher, it is not especially surprising (to me) that yesterday's release broke as much stuff as it did.

And while it is somewhat embarrassing to have to do these day-after releases, we're moving really fast now on API development, and, given our extremely limited resources, messy releases and daily break/fix work are both kind of just...the cost of doing business, at this point.

At any rate, thanks to everyone who reported issues in the last 24 hours! You guys are the real unsung heroes of this upcoming alpha release.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Addressed an issue where the settlement auto-remove method (for free users whose settlements are more than 180 days old) threw exceptions when called without a User object on the request
  2. Fixed a bug in the Survivor class method set_many_attributes() where attribute modifiers ('details') could not be updated in batch. -Caleb
  3. Addressed an issue on the SurvivorSheet where survivor emails in mixed case caused the API to throw errors. -chaorain

Application Enhancement

  1. The dashboard loads basic settlement data immediately once the user is initialized and then fills in additional details by making sundry API calls. Should help improve the overall responsiveness/speed of the dash.
  2. Cleaned up presentation on the "Settlements" panel of the Dashboard. Fixed some typos/subject-verb-agreement stuff and made the presentation elements dynamic, i.e. dependent on the available data, etc. Looks much nicer now.
  3. Dashboard indicates progress on retrieving settlement data now.
  4. Free/non-subscribers users no longer have access to the 'preserve_sessions' preference.
  5. Campaign Summary storage "digest" is clickable at wide res now.

API Development

  1. Cleaned up the settlement auto-remove email so that it a.) correctly indicates which user removed the settlement and b.) dumps the settlement dict (for reference).
  2. The User class method get_settlements() now supports 'return_type' value 'list_of_dicts', which gets you a list of MDB records (represented as dictionaries). -Caleb
  3. Public "asset" routes (e.g. /monster, /campaign, etc.) have been enhanced to return their entire asset dictionary if no 'handle' or 'name' params come over in the request. -Caleb
  4. Keyed in and cleaned up a few more gear asset sets:
    1. Catarium gear
    2. Mask Maker gear
  5. Added support for the "Limb Maker" A&I endeavor (from the Dragon King expansion). -Tim M

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