Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Change Log: 2.55.1053

Release 2.55.1053 implements full HTTPS support for the Manager.

(Previously you could do some things using HTTPS, but you would run into errors due to hard-coded HTTP elements, browser rules about mixing HTTP/HTTPS requests, etc. With today's release, you can do everything in full HTTPS.)

I am an EFF supporter (and you should be one too) and I used Certbot to create the certificates for kdm-manager.com and api.thewatcher.io.

The next production release of the Manager will make HTTPS mandatory, i.e. any HTTP requests will be redirected to port 443 of the webserver automatically.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Addressed an issue where certain JS interpreters appeared to barf on an unnecessary comma in kdmManager.js. -Ilya R, whirblewind

Application Enhancements

  1. Added Survivor 'Events' section to the Survivor Sheet 'Lineage' section. Skinned it for all three breakpoints.
  2. Hard-coded image links in html.py no longer look for a remote resource (i.e. they use local and resolve relatively, e.g. /media/icons/whatever.png).
  3. Enabled SSL access to the Manager and the API:
    1. Changed the HTML 'head' import of Ajax to use HTTPS.
    2. Suspended SSL verification in api.py (of the legacy webapp) so that the server works in dev.

API Development

  1. Keyed in new causes of death, 'Cyclops Fly' and 'Lonely Fruit'.
  2. Updated the "Taste Death" Story Event A&I descriptions to 1.5. -Caleb
  3. The Survivor class get_lineage() method now adds a key called 'events' to its return that includes all settlement Event Log entries tagged with that survivor's OID.
  4. The /settlement/get_event_log/<oid> route now supports the param 'survivor_id' which can be used to limit output to only lines that are tagged with an arbitrary survivor's OID.
  5. Updated the api.py manual execution process to emulate SSL and include SSL bric-a-brac in its context

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