Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Feature Demo: Subscribers-only Campaign Summary storage view

Mobile resolution feature demo!
One of the main features that advanced users of the Manager commonly write in and ask me to implement is a way to view settlement storage from the Campaign Summary.

I never implemented the feature because a.) I didn't want to put settlement controls on the Campaign Summary (i.e. because they belong on the Settlement Sheet) and b.) because space is at a premium on the Campaign Summary view.

Once I added the concept of subscribers and subscriber-only features to the webapp, however, a settlement storage view on the Campaign Summary felt more like something that I could/should do, and so I'm going to roll it out in the next release.

(The next release will be out...before this weekend. Probably not tomorrow, but soon.)

If you are a subscriber, you'll  see the new button as soon as the release comes out. If you're not a subscriber, go buy a subscription!

Thanks for using the Manager!

Tablet resolution feature demo!


  1. I seem to have some major issue right now, I get an exception at login

    Python 2.7.12: /usr/bin/python

    1. Hey! Sorry about that! There was an issue with the way some older users (1.5+ years) were initially created that caused the problem.

      The issue is resolved for now. Here's the ticket:


  2. I made a bit of advertisment of your work here Tim: