Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Change Log: 2.59.1137

Tablet resolution demo: enabling Beta content and
managing a user's collection on the Dashboard.
First, before I get into the change notes, I want to mention again that The Watcher now has its own subreddit!

If you've got questions, comments, concerns, feedback, etc. re: The Watcher, create a new text post over at /r/thewatcherapp/ and the whole dev team will see it (including Yours Truly).

Second, moving on to the release notes, release 2.59.1137 is kind of boring, with respect to what it does for the Manager: most of the code in today's release facilitates future features/functionality of The Watcher, so there is not much to report on, as far as the Manager is concerned.

The main user-facing element that this release pushes is a beta feature that allows subscribers to manage which expansion/add-on content they own (IRL).

This feature, which we're currently calling user Collection management, does not do anything presently, but will be tied to upcoming features of the Manager and The Watcher.

(I don't want to say too much about those features just yet, however, as they are still very much under development.)

Finally, and it feels like I'm maybe burying the lede here, I should also mention that there is a pretty major correction in this release: Percival is now an expansion.

When she was released, I initially filed her assets under "White Box", but we determined, after a thorough, rigorous, non-partisan inquiry, that she is, in fact, expansion-type content, so now she is officially an expansion in the API and the Manager.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented subscriber level descriptions from being saved on users.
  2. Percival is now an expansion!
  3. The Matchmaker endeavor now shows up in the Campaign Summary view with an endeavor star (to indicate its cost, which had not been keyed in correctly).

Application Enhancements

  1. Finally moved survivor armor controls to the API:
    1. Deprecated/removed the legacy webapp's Survivor.update_survivor_attribute() method.
    2. Removed a call to the deprecated update method in Survivor.modify().
    3. Replaced Survivor Sheet calls to deprecated JS methods stepAndSet and updateAssetAttrib to API methods in the Survivor Sheet controller (incrementAttrib and updateAttrib).
    4. Deprecated/removed updateAssetAttrib() from kdmManager.js
  2. Upgraded dashboard preferences management:
    1. Clicking on an item you've already selected does nothing (formerly, it would dial the API and transmit information that was ultimately ignored).
    2. Changing preferences takes effect immediately. Toggling the "beta" preference on, for example, immediately unhides the beta features of the dashboard.
    3. Created JS method toggleUserExpansion() method to use new API endpoints (below) for curating your collection on the dash.
    4. Added a dashboard UI for managing user collection expansions (hid it behind the 'beta' preference).
  3. Survivor Fighting Arts are now checked for endeavors: if an FA/SFA grants access to an endeavor, it should show up in the Campaign Summary now.

API Development

  1. "Active" users/subscribers in the Admin Panel now have a border color (just to help visually distinguish them); the asterisk has been removed.
  2. Keyed a handful of names.
  3. Documentation clean-up:
    1. Documented the Survivor class set_email route
    2. Updated the Survivor data model with additional references for how to set attributes, email, etc.
    3. Moved the documentation for set_color_scheme up to the 'misc and meta' section (i.e. out of the section about misc. survivor attributes).
    4. Reorganized the 'misc and meta' section and rewrote its header.
  4. Added baseline() and bug_fixes() methods to the User object.
  5. Models.AssetCollections.set_assets_from_root_module() now creates self.assets as an 'OrderedDict' type dict (sorted on keys).
  6. Added 'Black Guard Style' to assets/ and updated the assets/ definition of the SFA to reference the endeavor.
  7. Upgraded the User class to support collection management:
    1. Created add_expansion_to_collection() and rm_expansion_from_collection() methods for the User class.
    2. Created routes to new methods.
    3. Documented the endpoints
  8. Created some bug_fixes() code in the API to fix users with no subscriber level description.
  9. Documented the /survivor/set_survivor_status/<oid> endpoint. -Caleb
  10. POSTing to a survivor endpoint with the 'serialize_on_response' flag now returns a response with an explicit mimetype.

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