Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Change Log: 2.61.1211

Survivor Sheet upgrades; PotStars survivor at desktop resolution!
Release 2.61.1211 mostly addresses presentation and usability issues introduced in last Monday's Survivor Sheet upgrade release.

Most of the presentation issues are related to wide resolution, but I also smoothed out the presentation of the Survivor Sheet "hit boxes" (e.g. Brain, Head, Body, etc.) at all resolutions in this one, so the experience should be a little more consistent across devices/resolutions.

Beyond the break/fix stuff, there are also a handful of usability updates in this release intended to further streamline the Survivor Sheet experience.

The most visible enhancement is related to the "hit boxes" on the Survivor Sheet, which now work with the "roll down" controls: you click the armor box, the controls roll down, you make your changes, hit save and they roll back up.

This not only makes the experience more consistent across the various elements on the Survivor Sheet, it also frees up a lot of space at both tablet and wide screen resolution and makes the app look more like the paper sheets (which is one of the major goals of the recent upgrades to the Survivor Sheet).

Release 2.61.1211 also removes a lot of the loading animations and other things that block buttons on the Survivor Sheet and generally tries to make it feel less like you're waiting on the Survivor Sheet to save.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has written in with issues and comments about the Survivor Sheet upgrade and apologize for the delay on getting this release out: I normally like to do these break/fix releases sooner after the release of new features, but I had to travel for work and then a bunch of stuff came up.

Look for the next release of the Manager next week, when I should have some API enhancements and (if we're lucky) some Timeline upgrades ready to roll out.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Monkey-patched a wide resolution issue that caused certain right-side elements of the Survivor Sheet display incorrectly.
  2. Monkey-patched an issue where the Weapon Proficiency type picker was exposed at two points (rather than three)
  3. Addressed a wide resolution presentation issue where the Campaign Summary's survivor quick view behaved strangely at very wide (wider than 1050px resolutions).
  4. Fixed a mobile resolution issue with survivor quick view where buttons had incorrect heights.
  5. Addressed a presentation issue at wide resolution where the Survivor Sheet lineage text blocks had random margins.
  6. Fixed a bug on the Survivor Sheet where survivor tags/epithets and notes did not appear for campaigns without special attributes. -Brian K
  7. Addressed a tablet resolution issue where some Survivor Sheet checkboxes were ever-so-slightly taller than others depending on whether you had them checked or not.
  8. Corrected a number of HTML entities in the legacy webapp that did not terminate with a semi-colon.
  9. Moved the 'title' element of the Login HTML into the 'head' element.
  10. Fixed some un-closed HTML markup tags on the dashboard.
  11. Removed some redundant/vestigial in-line JS code from the main HTML rendering methods.
  12. Updated the Survivor object's set_survival() and set_attribute() methods to handle None type values (by defaulting them to zero).
  13. Corrected two calls to utils.InvalidUsage() in the Survivor set_parents() method (wrong case).
  14. Fixed a bug affecting The Watcher where duplicate A&Is did not stack. -Khoa
  15. Fixed an issue where The Hand could not be added as a Special Showdown. -Rob

Application Enhancements

  1. Suppressing the 'Saving' alert now also suppresses the corner loader. Atomic settlement storage updates no longer show the corner loader. -XnFM
  2. Incrementing/decrementing permanent affinities on the Survivor Sheet no longer shows the 'Saving' alert. Instead, closing the window triggers the alert.
  3. Cleaned up the Survivor Sheet presentation at wide resolution:
    1. normalized "roll down" box bottom margins (in all columns)
    2. normalized the width of the "save" buttons in the "roll down" control boxes
    3. Cleaned up the formatting on the "Brain" hit box; added "roll down" controls and clickable regions.
  4. Normalized the padding/margins of the "shield" type boxes on the Survivor Sheet at all breakpoints so that numbers are cleanly centered
  5. The Weapon Proficiency type selector control just always appears now-Chris R
  6. Removed the special attribs controller from survivorSheet.js and moved its toggle stuff into the main controller.
  7. Deprecated the render_hit_box_controls() method in the legacy webapp's file. Procedural hit box generation is a thing of the past.
  8. Refactored the Survivor Sheet hit location boxes to a.) have 'roll down' controls and b.) to use AngularJS evaluations to determine if a box is checked. This is transitional to removing their update method from the legacy app entirely.
  9. Survivor Sheet "light" damage boxes are no longer automatically checked when the "heavy" damage boxes are checked.
  10. All Survivor Sheet 'roll up' arrows and save buttons are now enclosed within number tumbler elements are should be neatly aligned at all breakpoints.
  11. Enhanced the login.js error handling for the legacy webapp so that it prints errors to the console that are a little more readable/explicit.

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