Saturday, January 27, 2018

Change Log: 2.64.1260

Death Dice!
The last release of the Manager was a big one and touched on a lot of things, so release 2.64.1260 is largely dedicated to break/fix type work.

The only "new" feature that users might notice is that the Family innovation inheritance feature is officially out of beta as of this release, and, if your settlement has the innovation, you'll see controls setting a "donor" parent on the New Survivor creation screen.

There's also a pretty important back-end milestone in this release: as of 2.64.1260, all survivor updates are managed through the API! The legacy webapp is no longer involved in database updates for survivors!

And, speaking of back-end enhancements, release 2.64.1260 also starts a lot of work on the general maintainability of the config files for the legacy webapp, which really needs to improve if I'm really going to change the Manager's supported browsers to include Safari.

As usual, hit the jump for the full release notes.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Spent some more time working on cleaning up and clarifying the legacy webapp CSS (hat tip to
    1. updated all font declarations to Fontspring Bulletproof convention; added new aliases for the KDM icon fonts
    2. Cleaned up the presentation of the controls for changing user passwords.
    3. Removed the following deprecated, redundant or vestigial selectors: .centered, .insanity_font, #hit_box_insanity, round_top, .round_bottom and several other over-qualified and/or ID-based ones.
    4. Replaced...many instances of "0px" and similar with "0".
  2. Fixed a bug in the API that prevented the drop-down for the Settlement Sheet's Inspirational Statue from populating. -P Fawcett
  3. Fixed an issue where the Campaign Summary's Available Endeavors section failed to appear in certain cases. 
  4. Removed a random/broken right angle character from the Settlement Sheet defeated monsters controller that was making presentation look weird.
  5. Addressed an issue where the Settlement Sheet nemesis controls were not working in some cases.
  6. Fixed a bug where Family innovation inheritance was firing for users who did not have the feature enabled; addressed a related issue where affected survivors 'Weapon Proficiency' value was set to a None type. -Lee Benson

Application Enhancements

  1. Monkey-patched some INFO-level logging into to help track POST params to the legacy webapp that include the key 'new'.
  2. Created a new CSS file called color.css whose job is to move all non-breakpoint-specific color changes out of the main style.css. Started moving things to it.
  3. Various HTML elements whose font family was 'Arial' are now 'Metrophobic' instead.
  4. Removed the inspirationalStatueController() method from settlementSheet.js and moved the controls up into the main settlement controls.
  5. Campaign Summary view now shows the number of available endeavors. 
  6. The Available Endeavors in the Campaign Summary now shows the name of the campaign for campaign-specific endeavors (instead of just saying 'Campaign').
  7. Campaigns can have multiple campaign-specific endeavors now.
  8. Deprecated the modifyAsset() and toggleDamage() methods from kdmManager.js
  9. Deprecated the modify() method for the Survivor class object in the legacy webapp. This is a major milestone! All survivor operations are processed through the API now.
  10. Replaced the code in that handles 'modify' params with exception logging and creation code. 
  11. Refactored Survivor Sheet hit box toggle code to use AngularJS and new API route (see below).
  12. Refactored Settlement Sheet nemesis controls to use way less customs JS and Survivor Sheet style controls.
  13. Re-styled the Settlement Sheet selectors for consistency with the new, KD Sheet UI style on the Survivor Sheet.

API Development

  1. The Settlement object's get_available_endeavors() method now counts a total and returns a tuple (if you want the count back).
  2. Refactored the one-off code for processing campaign-specific endeavors so that they render similarly to how other endeavors types render.
  3. Survivor damage box management is now supported by the API:
    1. Added a method to the Survivor object called toggle_damage()
    2. Created a route to it; documented the route.
    3. The toggle_damage() method uses semantic logging.
  4. Enhanced semantic logging to default "key" and "value" kwargs if we don't get them.
  5. Keyed in a bunch of surnames from various sources. List is getting close to the point where I'll start working on the feature...
  6. Added "Weapon Proficiency" to the list of Survivor object attribs that are included in duck_type() as forced int.
  7. Took the Family innovation inheritance feature out of beta.

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