Monday, January 29, 2018

Development Roadmap: 2018

I haven't done this previously, but I decided that for 2018, I'm going to publish a development roadmap this January and come back to it in a year and measure my progress against the plan.

(The last time I tried something even remotely similar to this was December 2015, and it was more like...a to-do list, than a proper development plan.)

A lot of similar projects that have been inspirations for this one do something similar, and I enjoy reading their roadmap (and roadmap-review/postmortem) posts, so I figured, what the hell? Why not give it a shot?

Best-case scenario, this gives me a rough plan that I can use to stay motivated/focused on the important priorities from release to release. Worst-case scenario, I look back at this in a year and say, "man, what the hell was I thinking?"

At any rate, hit the jump for my detailed/annotated roadmap for 2018 development on the Manager and the KDM API.

The bullets beneath the headings are in no particular order (and certainly not in chronological order).

Everything under "Major Priorities" is going to get done before January 2019. Items under "Minor Priorities" are "maybe, maybe not" type items: I would like to get to them, but I might not.

A.) Major Priorities

  1. Finish the Settlement storage upgrade project.
  2. Publish version one of the API and version three of the webapp:
    1. fork the API out of the kdm-manager repo and create a new project for it 
    2. "finish" the legacy webapp (i.e. completely remove everything, including session-management) and move it to V3.
  3. Revise the Campaign Summary's survivor "quick view" to work better during showdowns, e.g. to include hit boxes, armor point management, etc.
  4. API: get settlement serialization times down so that the average is five seconds or less
  5. Enhance iOS support for iPhone7/8 and iPad
  6. API: user notifications support.
  7. Implement GraphQL, at least as a trial/demo/beta.
  8. API and webapp: re-do timeline controls. Tear it all down and start over (because it's a disaster).
  9. Add unit testing to the API.

B.) Minor Priorities / Backlog

  1. Develop gear grid support (probably as a beta first).
  2. Finish developing the Hunt Deck helper app (or kill it: could go either way).
  3. User-level, cross-settlement stats.
  4. Replace Twitter as the in-app alerts provider: add "admin message posting" to the API control panel (and link them into user notifications, some how).
  5. API: export to PDF, probably to one of Logan Ogden's revised spreadsheets
  6. User-specific, all-survivors stats-modification operations (e.g. Manhunter-style "set everyone's survival to zero" type stuff)
  7. API: enhance documentation by adding a self-creating "map" or diagram.

[UPDATE 2018-03-27] Crossed off A3, A6, A8 and B4. Not bad: that's more than one milestone delivered per month so far.

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