Sunday, January 21, 2018

Feature Demo: New Survivor Creation Upgrade

In yesterday's post, I posted an animated GIF feature demo that previewed an upgrade to the Manager's controls for creating new survivors.

I got a couple of comments/questions about that overnight, so I was inspired this morning and stole a few hours to finish developing the feature.

I just cut a new demo, so people can see exactly how it works: basically, you fill out the form like before but, when you click 'Create', the new survivor gets made in the background and the Manager shows you a summary link that you can click to view them right away.

The new controls also include an option to create a new survivor with a random sex (i.e. the "?" options): that's been requested a few times over the years, so I took the opportunity to implement in the upgrade here.

At any rate, as I mentioned yesterday, there's a lot of stuff still to do before I'm ready to push the next release of the Manager to production, but look for it early this coming week.

Thanks for using the Manager!

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