Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Year, New Survivor Sheet controls

Classic UI at mobile resolution.
Happy New Year!

The holiday is over, and I have (slowly) been getting back to work on the Manager.

As it happens, I initially planned to push a bunch of upgrades before the break, but a number of issues/requirements for The Watcher popped up at the last minute, and I decided to hang back until I could get those ready to ship with the upgrades for the Manager.

At this rate, I expect to have the next release of the Manager ready to go by this coming weekend (maybe Saturday morning or so). When the new release is ready to go into production, it will include an upgrade to the Survivor Sheet controls that I call "classic UI".

After the classic UI upgrade, the Survivor Sheet (at all resolutions) will look and feel like a combination of the classic/paper/in-box record sheet and the controls for The Watcher.

Check out the feature demo (at mobile resolution) on the right for a sneak peak!

Thanks for using the Manager!


  1. Is there an easy way to check where app gets initial stats for survivors and for example survival max stat for settlement? New survivors seem to have extra STR stats for example (4 instead of 1 etc.) and survival limit is one more than it should.

    1. Hello!

      Unless you've got the Beta Challenges expansion content enabled, the Manager enforces the settlement sheet Survival Limit automatically on the Survivor Sheets.

      Basically, the value that is set on the Settlement Sheet becomes the limit that is enforced on the Survivor Sheets.

      By editing the Settlement Sheet, you can change the Survival Limit any time you like, but the Manager prevents you from going below your minimum.

      (Your minimum Survival Limit is one plus however-many points your various innovations add to the limit, etc.)

      If you believe that your settlement's Survival Limit is being calculated incorrectly, can you let me know what innovations you have? It is always possible that there is a calculation bug, etc.

      Finally, can you tell me more about the extra STR? Are you saying that all of your new survivors are created with four STR?