Sunday, March 25, 2018

Change Log: 2.73.1380

Release 2.73.1380 is mostly a break/fix type release that continues the ongoing project to clean up logging and get us fully migrated to Semantic Logging.

The effects of that work will be subtle, of course, but a couple of things in this release that users will definitely notice are a.) the deprecation of Twitter from the Manager and b.) an updated "Info" modal (i.e. the the thing that pops up when you click the little "!" button) on the Dashboard that contains webapp alerts from the API.

I've been working on this one for a few weeks, since I feel like it will be important for general release of the API: I want to have a hard-wired, always-on type of methodology for communicating notifications and issues downstream to users of the production API.

Another thing in 2.73.1380 that will appear new to most users is the "Help!" item on the Nav Bar. This was beta in the last release, but I feel pretty good about how it's been working out, so it's now GA.

Finally, look for another small-scope release like this sometime soon: I've got a personal goal of having all of the logging stuff migrated, upgraded and burned in before I start working on any new features, and the easiest way to do that is in these little releases.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Re-fixed the Manhunter's Hat bug, which I evidently did not fix completely last time. Also double-fixed the Hunter's Heart, which had the same problem. -Zi
  2. Addressed a logic problem in the code that removes non-subscriber settlements that could sometimes cause non-subscriber login events to trigger a remove of a subscriber's settlement. -J Stahler
  3. Fixed a bug on the Nav Bar Help where the warning about dynamic help content could appear where expansion content was not enabled.
  4. Addressed a wide resolution issue where certain Campaign Summary "quickview" controllers had margin issues.

Application Enhancements

  1. Added some Event Log styling for abandoning a settlement.
  2. The Settlement Sheet no longer calls the generic set_attrib() method when updating Lost Settlements count (it uses the dedicated endpoint instead, which has better normalizing, logging, etc.).
  3. Deprecated Twitter from the dash.
  4. Added webapp alerts to the dash.
  5. The Dashboard alert icon turns pink if there is an active KPI in the webapp alerts.
  6. The Nav Bar "Help" feature is enabled for all users.

API Development

  1. Added bug fix code hooks for storage handles that have to be corrected.
  2. Fixed the duck-typing in that was throwing the error about not being able to coerce int types to ASCII encoding.
  3. Refactored and/or upgraded log_event() calls in the following methods:
    1. Settlement.new_settlement_special()
    2. Settlement.unremove()
    3. Settlement.add_location()
    4. Settlement.rm_location()
    5. Settlement.add_admin()
    6. Settlement.rm_admin()
    7. Settlement.add_timeline_event()
    8. Settlement.rm_timeline_event()
    9. Settlement.set_abandoned()
    10. Settlement.set_inspirational_statue()
    11. Settlement.set_lantern_research_level()
    12. Settlement.set_lost_settlements()
    13. Settlement.set_name()
    14. Settlement.set_principle()
  4. Tuned up the log_event() a bit to write better reprs and 'event' sentences:
    1. log_event() calls that do not specify a 'key' kwarg now look a little cleaner as sentences.
    2. Added support to log_event() for the following actions:
      1. 'unset' 
      2. 'abandon' (which is magic, like 'create')
    3. Added support to the log_event() method for setting the 'key' kwarg value to 'settlement', which basically is like not setting a 'key' kwarg value (but in such a way that avoids defaulting to back to the caller function's name).
    4. Added a new repr grammar for events that use set/unset type actions that changes the object of the repr sentence, e.g. "set settlement current Lantern Year to 5" (instead of the old "set 5 to settlement current Lantern Year", which...sounds weird).
  5. Added a mobile breakpoint to the API admin panel (so I can obsess over stuff on the go, which is, you know, totally healthy/good/productive).
  6. Keyed in a bunch of female names because the lists were getting a little out of balance and I kept seeing the same random names go by in the logs.

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