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Change Log: 2.75.1415

Gorm + White Lion kit-bash.
Potion belt + regular belt.
I call this guy, "Geralt"
There are two major upgrades in release 2.75.1415:

  1. an overhaul to the controls for managing Departing survivors.
  2. a new beta feature I call "gear lookup". 

The enhancement to the Departing survivors controls was inspired by a great conversation I had with a user of the Manager about how there should be more of a "workflow" to managing departing/showdown details: shout out to Brian K for the feedback.

The upgrade to the controls, which brings their presentation more inline with the other presentation elements of the Manager, also fixes a few annoying usability issues, including the unpredictable effects that returning survivors could have on the settlement timeline.

As far as the new beta feature goes, the big idea behind "gear lookup" is that you use it to rapidly find gear cards and get their complete info (including crafting recipes, affinities, affinity bonuses, etc.) just by typing in the name, location, attributes, etc. of the gear.

Basically the features is designed for people like me who can never remember which gear lives in which location. I think it will also help groups who find that they're losing time/focus constantly looking up and/or having to remind each other what they need to get to craft the thing they're trying to craft.

At any rate, it's beta in this release and, if all goes well, it will be come a regular subscribers-only feature at some point soon.

Finally, in terms of corrections and fixes in 2.75.1415, there are a bunch of tiny ones and one major one to note..

Mainly, this release fixes the automation for adding weapon mastery innovations to a settlement that broke several releases ago. Long story short, moving from the legacy app to the API broke the functionality that automatically adds/removes specializations to/from living survivors when a mastery is added to or removed from the settlement (by any means). Special thanks to John F for the help getting this one nailed down!

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Fixed some typos in the "Help!" section's FAQs.
  2. Corrected some gear entries:
    1. Updated Bone Axe to include the correct rules and description.
  3. Addressed a number of issues affecting automatic weapon specialization/mastery application within a settlement:
    1. fixed a logic issue preventing automatic checks (on save) for whether a survivor has achieved mastery; this fixes the issue where the specialization A&I would be applied automatically at 3 points, but the mastery A&I would not be automatically applied (ever).
    2. the API's add_innovation() method for settlements now calls self.update_all_survivors() before saving, and tries to apply specializations to them when adding a new mastery to settlement innovations.
    3. The reverse works as well, and rm_innovation() will remove the specialization from living survivors if they don't have enough WP points and the correct type to keep the specialization.
  4. Corrected the description for Grand Weapon Specialization to include both lines. -Zi
  5. Potion-type gear from the Gorm expansion ("Gormchymist" location) no longer show up in settlement gear options for campaigns that do not have the Gorm expansion enabled (and will "disappear" from settlements that added them but do not have the content enabled).
  6. Corrected the some flavor text typos on gear cards:
    1. Fecal Salve
    2. Monster Tooth Necklace
  7. Fixed some documentation errors/typos in the Timeline 1.2 docs

Application Enhancements

  1. Deprecated vestigial JS methods/calls from kdmManager.js that were formerly used in the Lost Settlements controller.
  2. Implemented the Gear Lookup feature (as 'beta' functionality) from the Side Nav:
    1. Created a nav button launcher.
    2. Added an HTML template to the render stack.
    3. Created Gear Card emulation styles. 
    4. Developed a dynamic system for representing affinities and 'paired' arrows (which I'm kind of proud of, TBH).
  3. Added a link from the FAQ section of the "Help!" to the blog; I also beefed up the "About" section on the blog to talk about IP and development issues.
  4. Refactored the UX for managing Departing survivors:
    1. Restyled the fixed position button; switched to high-contrast/KD-emulation colors for the actual menus with the grouper boxes and the whole deal.
    2. Moved the departing survivors controls (modal) out of and into a template file.
    3. The help tips on the modal overlay for managing Departing survivors are now controlled by the related user preference (i.e. you can hide them).
    4. Removed a bunch of redundant/vestigial JS calls from the showdown management controls
    5. Made the selector visibility sequential to assert a "workflow": setting the type shows the options for the monster, setting the monster shows the controls for mass survivor management, etc.
    6. The "title" of the controls disappears after the showdown type is set. 
    7. abstracted showdown type options into the JS (i.e. removed them from the HTML to help DRY up the markup a little bit).
    8. Replaced showHide() calls with some new JS that toggles controller states.
    9. Setting a quarry no longer automatically updates the timeline. There's a button for that.
    10. Showdown type can now be unset, hiding/disabling the controls for managing survivors.
    11. Added a checkbox/toggle box that lets the user specify whether to increment the current LY on return.
    12. Returning survivors re-inits the view and reloads all survivors in the view now, which should fix the issue of the current LY and the "Returning Survivor" banners showing up incorrectly/confusingly.
    13. Clarified the automation right on the page.
  5. Enhanced the kdmManager.js top-level showHide() method to support a second parameter called 'force', which allow a call to the method to force a specific state, e.g. 'show' or 'hide'.
  6. Created another top-level method in kdmManager.js called getTimelineLY() that basically returns a hash repr of a timeline LY dict.
  7. Added AngularJS ngAnimate module for fancy ng-if animations, etc.
  8. Moved the setCurrentLY() method into the root scope of kdmManager.js so that it can be called from anywhere.
  9. Created new UL styles for lanterns and KD-style boxes.  
  10. Started to normalize button border radii so that they match our standard/KD-style.

API Development

  1. Created a new route for retrieving Gear Lookup data (see above).
  2. Cleaned up a bunch of gear packages with updated asset details:
    1. Beta Challenge Scenarios gear
    2. Skinnery
    3. Bonesmith
    4. Barber Surgeon
    5. Core game Rare Gear
    6. Weapon Crafter
    7. Stone Circle
    8. Organ Grinder
    9. Plumery
    10. Catarium
    11. Exhausted Lantern Hoard
    12. Leather Worker
    13. Blacksmith
    14. Armor set bonuses

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