Monday, April 9, 2018

New Release ACTUALLY coming this week & another Feature Demo

Tablet resolution feature demo of the new controls
for managing departing survivors!
Surprise! I ended up deciding not to do a release of the Manager last week.

The tl;dr is that, after the new gear lookup feature code I teased last week was looking like it was ready to go out, there were still a bunch of usability issues I wanted to address, and the only way I could really address them was to refactor the controls for managing departing survivors, so I ended up doing that, which took longer than expected.

As you can see from the demo attached to this post, I'm mostly done with the upgrade to the controls, but I've still got some QA and some presentation fixes (across other areas of the Manager) to work on, so my current plan is to have these new controls and the beta version of the gear lookup in production by Wednesday, i.e. in two days from now.

Thanks for using the Manager!

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