Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New release this week + new feature demo!

Tablet-resolution feature demo.
Since release 2.73.1380 dropped last week, I've been working on a feature that I started working on several months back.

As everyone knows, one of the biggest show-stopper design problems in Monster (especially when playing with others) is pretty much everything to do with crafting gear. There are some good paper solutions out there--I especially like putting the cards in coin-collection sheets and then scanning those and distributing them to players--but no good digital ones.

Enter the Manager's forth-coming beta/subscribers-only feature, gear card search/look-ups, which tries to solve the problem of knowing which gear you're trying to craft and/or how you want to build your survivors.

By the time the feature is done and ready for general release, the Manager's gear search feature will include available recipes and other helpful info, e.g. which expansion a piece of gear comes from, etc.

For now, check out this new animated GIF demo, which shows how the feature will work when I release it as a beta in the next release of the Manager, which should be ready to go in a few days (or so).

Thanks for using the Manager!

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