Saturday, May 19, 2018

Change Log: 2.78.1502

Release 2.78.1502 is primarily a break/fix release intended to smooth out some of the issues introduced in the last one.

In addition to the normal fixes and corrections, this release addresses issue #502, where clicking on a settlement from the Dashboard sometimes boots you from the webapp.

In terms of new stuff, there isn't much in this release, but subscribers with Beta features of the application enabled will notice that the KD Collections functionality has expanded to include settlements.

If you've got Beta features turned on, you can now create campaigns that include all of the FArts, Disorders and Settlement Events of all the expansions in your collections.

KD Collection features will most likely move out of beta in the next release of the Manager: they're not quite ready for prime time just yet. When the KD Collection functionality does move, it will be generally available to all users of the Manager.

Finally, speaking of the next release, that will probably come some time in June and will be similar to the last production release of the Manager, in that it will mostly be focused on clean-up, optimization and getting the Manager ready for what comes next.

...which, for now, will remain shrouded in secrecy.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Fixed some broken logging in (missing string substitution stuff; nothing major).
  2. Addressed a scope issue in kdmManager.js where the initWorld() method's timer wasn't re-initialized on subsequent calls (and threw a warn in the JS console).
  3. "Fighting Arts and Disorders" no longer appears in the "World" as an expansion.
  4. Removed a redundant call to self.set_pretty_types() in
  5. Cleaned up some typos and anchors in the Dashboard's "About" section.
  6. Fixed a bug in where the session's 'current_settlement' attribute was not being correctly converted to an object ID, resulting in errors that kicked the user (for trying to init a non-existent OID).
  7. Addressed an issue where mixed-case email address input to the password reset form would cause the reset code request to fail.
  8. Corrected a wide-resolution issue on the Campaign Summary where endeavors would sometime shave their star(s) break the little left-aligned box they're supposed to be in.

Application Enhancements

  1. Pseudo expansions no longer appear in the popularity contest on the "World" panel.
  2. Settlement Events in the drop-down on the Timeline now show their expansion in parentheses (if they're from an expansion).
  3. Settlement Events from expansions in users' KD Collection list can now be added to the settlement via expansion content controls.
  4. Refactored session.Session.set_current_settlement() for clarity and efficiency, because man, that thing was a trash-pile and long overdue for a clean up. Also, it was causing issue #502.
  5. Updated a few methods in to use the object's save() method, instead of manually saving. Neatness counts.
  6. The Campaign Summary read-only settlement storage preview drawer button now only appears if there are items in settlement storage.
  7. Added a help tip about unsetting principles. 
  8. Broke the general Help up with H4 sections, like we do for the expansions Help blocks.
  9. Put in some work on the decoupling/abstraction/reorganization effort in the legacy app:
    1. Deprecated the vestigial "user_error_msg" HTML stub (and corresponding style code).
    2. Moved the rest of the application JS files out of /media and into /js
    3. Deprecated some old/vestigial styles (like, a dozen of them)
  10. Spent some time with the unit tests for the legacy app:
    1. Added multiple CSS file checks to the CSS selector unit test.
    2. Added a little helper module called '' for code re-use. For now, it just globs directories for files, but I've got some plans for it
    3. Added a new unit test to check HTML templates files for JS imports of files that don't exist in the /js folder
  11. Removed from the legacy webapp. He gone!

API Development

  1. KD Collection type expansions (i.e. pseudo expansions) now have 'sub_type' of 'pseudo'.
  2. The query for the expansion content popularity context returns the 'sub_type' of the expansion now.
  3. Added "Settlement Events" pseudo-expansion to the KD Collection expansions, so that Settlement Events from all expansion content can be enabled without enabling an expansion. 
  4. Models.AssetCollection.set_pretty_types() is now called set_ui_attribs() and it does pretty types as well as "selector text".
  5. All assets now have a "selector_text" attrib.
  6. Removed the custom set_selector_text() method from assets.disorders()
  7. Keyed in gear card details for the Spidicules expansion.

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