Friday, June 8, 2018

Change Log: 2.82.1550

Release 2.82.1550 is about as narrow in its focus as releases of the Manager get.

In fact, this release does literally one thing: it fixes issue #505 by adding routes to the API that allow settlements and survivors to be removed and updates the controls in the webapp to use those new routes (instead of the legacy webapp).

The new controls are also improved visually and have a "safety" feature where you "arm" the delete button which is, I think, a little better than the previous method of popping a Javascript alert and making the user click through it.

At any rate, apologies to everyone who ran into issue #505 during the last week.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Fixed some bad CSS syntax preventing the Special Showdown background style gradient from working correctly.
  2. Fixed an unclosed DIV tag on the Survivor Sheet that caused weirdness in the display elements for the survivor admin controls.
  3. Addressed an issue on the Survivor Sheet where certain controller elements contained HTML elements they didn't need to contain.
  4. Normalized the button padding at wide resolution on a handful of UI buttons.
  5. Fixed the issue that threw an error and logged users out of the webapp when removing settlements/survivors. -lcolls

Application Enhancements

  1. Re-did the UI/UX for removing settlements so that it works like a mashup of deleting old Zelda saves and Grim Dawn, where you have to type 'DELETE'.
    1. Made a new modal for it
    2. Normalized the text, so that it is referred to as deleting throughout, rather than a mixture of delete and remove
    3. Attempting to remove settlements via legacy webapp throws a big, fat server-side error with a deprecation warning
  2. Re-did the UI/UX for removing survivors so that it works like the new settlement-delete controls.
  3. Deprecated the bogus form HTML on the Settlement Sheet.

    API Development

    1. Added a functioning remove() method to the Settlement and Survivor objects.
    2. Created a route to the remove() methods and documented them.

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