Saturday, September 1, 2018

Change Log: 2.83.1563

Anyone else find one of these little guys
in their Echoes of Death box?
Alright, time to shake the rust off and get back to it: Summer break is officially over and release 2.83.1563 has arrived!

The first new release of the Manager in over two months includes support for the new Echoes of Death expansion as well as a number of minor corrections and one or two minor "quality of life" enhancements.

As of release 2.83.1563, settlements can enable the Echoes of Death expansion, which will add the "Strain Milestones" controller to the Settlement Sheet and make Strain Fighting Arts available on the Survivor Sheet.

On the QoL front, the big news is that the back-end process for adding a weapon mastery to a survivor has been revised, clarified and corrected. As a result, the Settlement Event Log will look cleaner and more logical, and the duplicate mastery A&I bug is finally resolved. Big shout-out to @wayforger on that one, for reporting and troubleshooting the issue.

Finally, on the topic of break/fix, release 2.83.1563 commits some more code to the most prolific/persistent issue I've had to resolve in almost three years of supporting the Manager: the dreaded issue #503.

(I will leave the issue open, since it has come back from the dead so many times before, but I think I finally have it beat. Time will tell.)

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. Added more print debugging to the Settlement's get_innovation_deck() method, which is still behaving unpredictably in production. Good thing I never closed issue #503!
  2. Fixed a sub-issue of #503 where innovations that should not have been showing up in the innovation deck could, in PotStar campaigns with all other expansion content enabled, show up.
  3. Tips on the Help display for an individual expansion no longer break in the middle of the block (e.g. split up between columns)
  4. The Dark Water Research innovation now adds its departing survivors bonus to the Campaign Summary view. -wayforger
  5. Adding a Flower Knight (any level) to Defeated Monsters now adds the "Petal Spiral" innovation to the settlement's Innovation Deck. -jewilson
  6. Addressed an issue where adding an eighth point of Weapon Proficiency to a survivor could cause the Manager to add the mastery for that weapon to the survivor twice. -wayforger
  7. Calls to survivor.add_game_asset() now pass their 'save' kwarg value to subsidiary calls, eliminating unnecessary calls to the save() method.
  8. Adding a mastery to settlement innovations now shows up in the Settlement Event Log BEFORE the specialization for that mastery is automatically applied to all survivors (rather than after, which was confusing).
  9. Fixed some typos in the Song of the Brave flavor/bonus text. -wayforger
  10. Corrected a margin/spacing issue at tablet resolution where the "Unset Milestone" box could sometimes show up in weird places.

Application Enhancements

  1. Removed the deprecated/superseded incrementAttrib() method from survivorSheet.js 
  2. Beefed up the error-handling on new survivor creation:
    1. the controls reinitialize on a failure now, so users don't get stuck in a failed state after a failure
    2. error output from the API is logged to the console
    3. error output is also shown to the user, along with a message that tells them to report it
  3. Added support for the Echoes of Death expansion and the Strain System:
    1. added a strainMilestonesController method to the settlementSheet.js
    2. added a toggleStrainMilestone() method to the controller method
    3. added a Strain Milestones section to the Settlement Sheet
    4. styled the new section; added transition effect/KD sheet UI stuff and lock/unlock transition effects for strain fighting arts
    5. strain fighting arts indicate that they are strain fighting arts on the survivor sheet (i.e. the emulate the actual card design, e.g. "fighting art, strain").

API Development

  1. Enhancements to survivor post-processing:
    1. Touched up the survivor post-process routine so that it's a little clearer what happens when we futz with Weapon Mastery assets in the save() call.
    2. Broke the post-process out into a separate method
    3. post-process only fires on certain actions (i.e. endpoints)
    4. post-process calls to add_game_asset() no longer save (i.e. because they're happening as part of a save, so it's redundant).
  2. A number of endpoints now add the 'action' attribute to the request at processing time.
  3. Cleaned up the event logging around mastery (so that the subjects and verbs agree) and so that the bogus/extraneous message about specialization no longer junks up the log.
  4. Added support for the Echoes of Death expansion:
    1. created an asset definition in assets/
    2. created a new file called to track Strain System Milestones
    3. created a controller for the new Strain Milestone assets
    4. updated models/settlements.Settlement class to import Strain Milestones and add them to settlement JSON 
    5. new settlements are now created with a strain_milestones attribute (it's an empty list)
    6. old settlements now are normalized (on init) to include the strain_milestones list
    7. added toggle_strain_milestone() method to the Settlement object
    8. created a route to the new method (it supports the 'handle' attrib...and that's it)
    9. keyed in the four new fighting arts
    10. added a couple new epithets related to the new strain fighting arts
    11. Updated the random Fighting Arts picker (which is just some lines in the asset_operation_preprocess() method of the survivors.Survivor class/object) to NOT pick strain fighting arts that haven't been unlocked
    12. created a help tip for the expansion that explains how the Manager works with Strain FA's and milestones
    13. updated the API docs to describe how the strain toggle works

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