Sunday, December 2, 2018

Change Log: 2.84.1603

Tablet resolution night mode tease!
Release 2.84.1603 is mostly a break/fix type release that corrects a laundry list of minor usability issues.

The only major new feature in this release is the new (beta) Night Mode feature. If you subscribe to the Manager (and have the beta features enabled), definitely check it out and let me know what you think!

Among the other minor corrections and fixes, this release also starts to clean up some of the messiness in both the Settlement Event Log and the user interface around modifying a Survivor's Survival: superfluous/redundant log messages are eliminated, Survival-related events that do make it to the log are cleaner-looking and situations where the Manager stops a user-attempted Survival update are logged.

There are some minor touch-ups to the (beta) Gear Lookup feature, so if you use that or have it enabled, hit me up and let me know what you think: the feature will, I hope, be ready to exit beta soon, so what you see in there now is probably pretty close to what we're going to go with for General Availability.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  1. The People of the Skull campaign can now use the Watcher nemesis monster.
  2. Random recipes in the (beta) Gear Lookup feature that did not include correct punctuation (e.g. commas, periods) are now punctuated correctly.
  3. Fixed a couple of typos (most hilariously, the "Femable Only" rule for the Nightmare Breast Pump has been corrected and all of my Brians out there will be glad to know that the Speed Powder no longer causes "2 brian damage".)
  4. The Departing Survivors Management tool on the Campaign Summary will no longer increase the Survival of survivors who cannot gain Survival.
  5. Corrected the Monster Tooth Necklace recipe.
  6. Fixed a type preventing the Beta warning from appearing under the System section on the dashboard.
  7. Fixed the padding on the Dashboard panels at desktop resolution so that they're the same on both the left and the right.
  8. The (beta) "Hunt Phase" tool link no longer appears on the main/side nav bar during new settlement creation.
  9. Clarified some of the expansion content descriptions (w/r/t grammar, readability for ESL audiences, etc.)
  10. Added the missing affinity square the "Almanac" gear card.
  11. Corrected "Acid Tooth Dagger" to "Acid-Tooth Dagger".
  12. Fixed some CSS where the top nav bar's bottom border width was managed with its color (?) and separated both attributes out to their correct/respective files.
  13. Removed a bad/broken (but ultimately harmless) anchor tag from the Settlement Sheet.
  14. Corrected the margin beneath the Survivor Sheet email field.

Application Enhancements

  1. All Dashboard "icons" have been replaced with HTML entities. Sorry (not sorry).
  2. Added the "Dead Inside" A&I (from Hunt Event three in the 1.5 book). -Matt G.
  3. Added a help tip about how to add the "Nemesis Encounter: Watcher" event to settlement timelines.
  4. Keyed in a bunch of new settlement, male, female and last names for the randomizer.
  5. Made some updates to the (beta) Gear Lookup feature:
    1. Gear recipes may now include random prefix or suffix text (in addition to the 'Misc' requirement).
    2. The "Cost:" text element has been removed, since it was pointless.
    3. Tuned-up the conditional logic that applies punctuation to recipes.
    4. Keyed in recipes for some locations, including: Barber Surgeon, Gormery, Mask Maker, Leather Worker, Stone Circle and Weapon Crafter.
  6. On the Survivor Sheet, in the Survival control roll-up, the "up" paddle/arrow is now disabled if the survivor cannot gain Survival; the paddle is un-disabled if all disabling A&Is are removed.
  7. Same-same for the Campaign Summary.
  8. Failed attempts to add Survival to survivors who cannot gain Survival are now logged in the Settlement Event Log.
  9. Added a warning to the Dashboard's "Campaigns" section about abandoned settlements counting towards your free settlements. -Ben V.
  10. Survivor Survival operations that do not modify the survivor's Survival are no longer logged.
  11. Enabled the night mode (shouts again to beta feature for subscribers:
    1. Created night_mode.css and updated to insert a reference to it if the user has the preference enabled.
    2. Added preference selector ("Glowing Center" or "Dead Guardian") to the "System" panel
  12. The AngularJS app and the root controller are now initialized with the main HTML element, as they always should have been.
  13. The Dashboard "System" panel now supports "beta" preferences, i.e. when the preference itself has the beta attrib set to True.
  14. "System" panel user preferences are now enclosed in a box at desktop resolution, which cleans up the UI a bit, I think.
  15. Preference panels use ng_fade to appear and disappear, e.g. if the user fiddles the "beta" preference on their user.
  16. Cleaned up the "reset password" colors and UI at all breakpoints.
  17. Updated legacy webapp session management code to tag views with an HTML background class (#hackCity).
  18. Keyed in gear details for a bunch of Gorm expansion gear I apparently never keyed before.
  19. Default survivor icons (silhouettes) are no longer "artistic" (i.e. I cleaned them up to just be solid lines).
  20. Adjusted the colors on the "Founder" survivor tag for readability. 
  21. Mandatory expansion content boxes are now bordered in Special Showdown Red (to match the color of their text and checkbox).
  22. The row of the "current" Lantern Year on the timeline is now highlighted a different color.

API Development

  1. Keyed in the "Hope Stealer" Rare Gear (under "White Box" expansion)
  2. Started consolidating the methods for updating Survival on the Survivor object:
    1. the Survivor.update_survival() method now calls Survivor.set_survival(), rather than making changes itself: it's just a wrapper now, which was the original plan, IIRC
    2. The Survivor.set_survival() method no longer checks for POST params after its first attempt to default a value param (i.e. so you can call it from any function, regardless of what you've got in the POST, as long as you use the value kwarg)
    3. optimized the log_event() call 
    4. set_survival() now accepts a save kwarg (and uses it like every other method)
    5. set_survival() will now 
  3. Semantic logging now supports action keywords related to subtraction and decrease
  4. Started developing Night Mode:
    1. Added a default preference
    2. Created a preference definition in
    3. Reorganized preference categories for clarity, specificity
  5. Simplified the preference descriptions for arming the Remove button

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