Monday, October 28, 2019

Change Log: 3.87.1666

People of the Sun Miko (finished). See
more at!
Release 3.87.1666 adds support for the 10th Anniversary expansion content: the 10th Anniversary White Speaker and the 10th Anniversary Survivors.

As with the last White Box release, some of the new expansion content required some minor, presentation-level updates to the legacy webapp. As I have mentioned in a the last few posts, I consider these types of minor updates to be "maintenance", and will continue to make them for as long as the legacy webapp is around.

The good news with this content, as, indeed, with all the expansion content that has come out in 2019, is that the updates are mostly trivial or outside of the scope of record-keeping (e.g. they only require minor presentation updates or they have to do with how to build decks, etc.).

At any rate, subscribers of the Manager who enable the new content on their settlements will notice that the recipes for the "Pattern" gear (from the 10th Anniversary Survivors white box) include the "Crafting Process" requirements from the pattern cards associated with the gear.

Beyond that, the 3.87.1666 release includes a couple of minor presentation fixes for gear "cards" (in the Gear Card Lookup) and one typo fix that actually stopped the "White Dragon Gauntlets" from appearing in the Gear Lookup tool (oops!).

Finally, now that all of that is out of the way, I would like to mention that I (finally) launched the official hobby blog for The Labor in Vain: please check it out at and let me know what you think!

Thanks for using the Manager!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Change Log: 3.86.1665 (GenCon 2019 expansion content support)

Gencon 2019 content support has arrived!

As of 3.86.1665, the Manager now supports the following expansion content:

Typically, when I add one-off expansion content to the Manager, I end up having to make at least a few code changes in addition to just keying in new content.

This update is no exception and I actually used the code changes required to support the new content as an opportunity to improve some things I had been meaning to improve for a while now.

Release 3.86.1665 therefore includes a handful of significant optimizations around asset initialization (in the API), a handful of presentation fixes, and, most importantly, some updates to the Gear Card Lookup feature in the legacy webapp to support the new content.

re: the Lookup feature updates/enhancements, I actually debated whether or not to do them at all, since I am no longer adding new features to the legacy webapp, but I ultimately decided that they fell under the heading of "maintenance" and went ahead.

As a general rule, I think my stance is going to be that if new content requires expanding an existing feature of the webapp, I will do the work. If new content requires new functionality, that's officially out of scope for the legacy webapp.

Finally, power users of the Manager will notice that the "White Box & Promo" expansion is now just called "Promo". With the Sword Hunter release, it seems like the format for White Box expansions has been sort of finalized, and from now on, White Box KD content will be separate from general/non-canonical Promo-only content in the Manager.

As usual, hit the jump for complete release notes!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1654

Release 3.85.1654 is mostly focused on adding API enhancements that will allow me to do more administrative work without having to shell into the server.

Since the production version of the Manager is pretty much stabilized and I am not doing feature work anymore, there's almost nothing user-facing in this one except some low-key break/fix stuff (that most people probably didn't even notice was broken in the first place).

In fact, the most significant user-facing aspect of this release is that it continues the deprecation of, which will go away officially in January 2020: the old URLs now forward to URLs and, as I mentioned on the Manager's Twitter:

Since it is officially deprecated as of today, I'm not going to print the email address here, but the tweet basically confirms that the old support email at is officially shut down and will bounce.

Finally, as everyone knows by now, the indefinite delay of Waves three and four will continue for at least another year, but I still have plans for new KD software in 2019.

With any luck, I will be able to announce some specifics of those plans very soon! Could even be the first week of September 2019.

Watch this space for updates and, as usual, hit the jump for complete release notes.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1643

CPU utilization before and after the last release.
Release 3.85.1643 brings the big migration to a close: the Manager and the new version of the API are fully migrated to their new provision and all errors associated with the migration have been addressed!

In the last post, I spoke a bit about optimization and utilization. The graphic at the top of this post shows CPU utilization before and after the last release went out to production. As you can see, the difference is stark!

(For those interested, the tl;dr version is this: those CPU utilization spikes happen when the world daemon refreshes old data in the warehouse. Before the last release, which included critical fixes for averaging queries and added indexes to the main MongoDB collections, the world daemon was using 100% of the CPU whenever it ran!)

At any rate, there is, once again, almost nothing user-facing in this release except for one critical bug fix: creating a new survivor with an avatar no longer fails.

3.85.1643 will probably be the last release for a while, but I expect to have a major announcement before the end of the month, so watch this space!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1641

Kingdom Death Fighter (work in progress).
One of the main goals of refactoring and migrating the API was to increase efficiency (make it faster) and decrease overhead (make it cost less for me to run it).

Release 3.85.1641 of the Manager is mostly focused on those goals, specifically as they pertain to the (expensive/inefficient) bits of the World module that creates stats about survivors, settlements and users.

The main thing in this one that's user-facing in this one is a handful of fixes for the data on the World section of the Dashboard: some of the averages have been broken since the migration, the number of subscribers was off, etc.

As far as tickets go, there's one more issue regarding World stuff that I've got to take care of, and that should get us moved on from the last of the outstanding migration work.

From there, the plan for the Manager is to continue to stabilize the production application by fixing application issues as they arise (or are brought to my attention) and doing break/fix work on the API. Once I close all open tickets for the webapp and the API, I will reveal the details of (sinister) Phase Two of my 2019 project.

Until then, hit the jump for complete release details.

And thanks for using the Manager!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1635

Fighter (work in progress)
The migration continues!

Release 3.85.1635 is a break/fix type release dedicated to cleaning up issues left over from last week's migration.

And, speaking of that, I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who submitted issues after the big migration on Friday: as I said to some of you, I expected there would be some issues after the migration, but the ones that occurred were really obscure.

At any rate, this should fix up some of the most commonly encountered issues since the migration, including a couple of issues that prevented certain settlements from loading and the annoying pop-up messages that were happening when changing survivor color schemes.

Finally, as I mentioned in the last update, the legacy webapp is no longer under active development, so the following is now true:

  1. updates in this blog will no longer include an "Application Enhancements" section (since I'm not doing any).
  2. the text in the "About" section of the dashboard has been updated. 
  3. the open issues on GitHub that have to do with feature work have been moved to a new project (more on that later).

As usual, hit the jump for details!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1633

Old survivor (work in progress).
Version three (3.85.1633) of the Manager is live!

Before I get into the release notes/change log, however, I have a few announcements.

First, as I have mentioned on Twitter and elsewhere, version three of the Manager uses the version 1.0.000 release of the KDM API, which has been deployed at a new URL ( and is a more or less total re-implementation of the API in Python 3.

(Also, in case you're wondering, is going away soon: more on that in future posts.)

The 1.0.000 release is designed around performance and the delivery of some major new features, including support for multiple rules sets/versions, gear grids/saved load-outs, etc.

Second, 3.85.1633 is the last "feature" release that I will be doing on what is now the legacy version of Manager: the new features that leave beta and go out for General Availability in this release are the last new features that will be added to the current version of the Manager and the API.

I will continue to support the legacy version of the Manager, but from now on, my efforts are officially going to be focused on a new project that...I can't actually officially announce yet.

All of that having been said, here's a summary of the major changes in release 3.85.1633:
  • I closed about a dozen issues and addressed a bunch of bugs, including long-standing issues with password hashing, cookies and adding expansion content to settlements.
  • API documentation app has been reorganized/cleaned up, uses material design and now has a nifty left-side nav bar. 
  • Support for the Santa Satan expansion has been added.
  • Gear card lookup exits beta (!) and becomes generally available.
  • The Manager now uses the 1.0.0 release of the API
  • I created a "downtime" app that will be used whenever I have to do an extended downtime for re-deployments of critical application components (of which I am planning three in 2019).

As usual, hit the jump for complete release notes!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Scheduled Maintenance / Downtime coming soon

How the webapp's main
view will look during the
This is a courtesy post to announce an upcoming outage for which I have not yet decided on an exact date or time.

I just wanted to let everybody know that I am planning on pushing some major updates to the Manager in the next production release, and, given the scope and scale of what's going to change on the back end for the next release, I have decided to err on the side of caution and take the whole site down until the deployment is totally complete.

Hit the jump for specifics!