Friday, January 25, 2019

Scheduled Maintenance / Downtime coming soon

How the webapp's main
view will look during the
This is a courtesy post to announce an upcoming outage for which I have not yet decided on an exact date or time.

I just wanted to let everybody know that I am planning on pushing some major updates to the Manager in the next production release, and, given the scope and scale of what's going to change on the back end for the next release, I have decided to err on the side of caution and take the whole site down until the deployment is totally complete.

Hit the jump for specifics!

Based on what I have to do, I think the redeployment could easily take an hour, so there's going to be a lot of advanced warning before I do it, starting with this post.

During the downtime, the website will be replaced with a static HTML page that has some links to Discord and Twitch.

If you're interested in a little sneak peak of how all that is going to look, you can see it here:

(Source code, as always, is available on GitHub.)

Also, I should add that, as the Discord link on the downtime page suggests, I will be "broadcasting" the outage/downtime/redeploy on Twitch. The stream will basically be my talking head laid over my console and browser windows, sort of like this:
My general plan for the broadcast is to talk through what I'm doing, showing the screens, and kind of stepping through the process of taking the website down, doing the deploy, and turning it back on.

My thinking here is that, if anybody wants to tune in, I'm happy to give them some insight into the deployment process beyond, "the website is down" and "the website is back up".

(Also, speaking of announcing when "the website is back up", doing the redeploy live on the Internet means that anyone who wants to know will be able to know the exact moment when the website is back up and safe to use again.)

Finally, as for when the downtime will occur, I will probably try to do it on a Tuesday morning, because that's the weekly low-tide for active sessions (for whatever reason).

Keep an eye out for the official downtime announcement: I should have the details worked out early this coming week.

Thanks for using the Manager!

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