Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1635

Fighter (work in progress)
The migration continues!

Release 3.85.1635 is a break/fix type release dedicated to cleaning up issues left over from last week's migration.

And, speaking of that, I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who submitted issues after the big migration on Friday: as I said to some of you, I expected there would be some issues after the migration, but the ones that occurred were really obscure.

At any rate, this should fix up some of the most commonly encountered issues since the migration, including a couple of issues that prevented certain settlements from loading and the annoying pop-up messages that were happening when changing survivor color schemes.

Finally, as I mentioned in the last update, the legacy webapp is no longer under active development, so the following is now true:

  1. updates in this blog will no longer include an "Application Enhancements" section (since I'm not doing any).
  2. the text in the "About" section of the dashboard has been updated. 
  3. the open issues on GitHub that have to do with feature work have been moved to a new project (more on that later).

As usual, hit the jump for details!

Fixes and Corrections

  1. Fixed an issue where changing the survivor color scheme threw an error in the webapp. -Andrew R
  2. Addressed an issue where the Survivor Sheet appeared not to save changes to survivor attributes because of a JS refresh issues. -Andrew R
  3. Fixed a problem where settlements whose Inspirational Status drop-down would be empty failed to load in some cases. -Eugene S
  4. Restored the get_user CGI to the legacy webapp (it accidentally got cut in the upgrade/migration from V2 to V3).
  5. The MongoDB upgrade blocker/issue is officially closed.
  6. The legacy webapp's age is now displayed on in the 'About' section of the dashboard (it was blank after the migration and the API upgrade).
  7. Fixed an order-of-operations issue where debugging a query in the World app failed to output debug lines to the log.
  8. Addressed a performance issue in the latest_survivor query in the World app (see below under the optimization bullet) that was causing the query to fail.
  9. Fixed an issue in the total_webapp_alerts query where the notifications module was imported incorrectly and failed to purge old alerts.

API Development

  1. Implemented CLI user password reset in the new admin app.
  2. Enhanced error-handling in app.models.settlements.flatten_timeline_events() so really old legacy timeline events are just dropped (i.e. ones without names or handles: if it's that old, we don't need it).
  3. Refactored the app.models.settlements.Settlement.rm_timeline_event() method:
    1. cleaned up the error/exception text; also broke them before 80 chars
  4. Did some optimization in the World app re: Google Cloud Platform utilization issue reports in their management GUI:
    1. Re-implemented the limit kwarg in the World app's get_eligible_documents() method to actually use the built-in.
    2. Removed a couple of calls to standard library built-ins and replaced them with pymongo methods (e.g. replaced len() with .count(), etc.) to help performance.

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