Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Change Log: 3.85.1654

Release 3.85.1654 is mostly focused on adding API enhancements that will allow me to do more administrative work without having to shell into the server.

Since the production version of the Manager is pretty much stabilized and I am not doing feature work anymore, there's almost nothing user-facing in this one except some low-key break/fix stuff (that most people probably didn't even notice was broken in the first place).

In fact, the most significant user-facing aspect of this release is that it continues the deprecation of, which will go away officially in January 2020: the old URLs now forward to URLs and, as I mentioned on the Manager's Twitter:

Since it is officially deprecated as of today, I'm not going to print the email address here, but the tweet basically confirms that the old support email at is officially shut down and will bounce.

Finally, as everyone knows by now, the indefinite delay of Waves three and four will continue for at least another year, but I still have plans for new KD software in 2019.

With any luck, I will be able to announce some specifics of those plans very soon! Could even be the first week of September 2019.

Watch this space for updates and, as usual, hit the jump for complete release notes.