Thursday, September 5, 2019

Change Log: 3.86.1665 (GenCon 2019 expansion content support)

Gencon 2019 content support has arrived!

As of 3.86.1665, the Manager now supports the following expansion content:

Typically, when I add one-off expansion content to the Manager, I end up having to make at least a few code changes in addition to just keying in new content.

This update is no exception and I actually used the code changes required to support the new content as an opportunity to improve some things I had been meaning to improve for a while now.

Release 3.86.1665 therefore includes a handful of significant optimizations around asset initialization (in the API), a handful of presentation fixes, and, most importantly, some updates to the Gear Card Lookup feature in the legacy webapp to support the new content.

re: the Lookup feature updates/enhancements, I actually debated whether or not to do them at all, since I am no longer adding new features to the legacy webapp, but I ultimately decided that they fell under the heading of "maintenance" and went ahead.

As a general rule, I think my stance is going to be that if new content requires expanding an existing feature of the webapp, I will do the work. If new content requires new functionality, that's officially out of scope for the legacy webapp.

Finally, power users of the Manager will notice that the "White Box & Promo" expansion is now just called "Promo". With the Sword Hunter release, it seems like the format for White Box expansions has been sort of finalized, and from now on, White Box KD content will be separate from general/non-canonical Promo-only content in the Manager.

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