Thursday, September 5, 2019

Change Log: 3.86.1665 (GenCon 2019 expansion content support)

Gencon 2019 content support has arrived!

As of 3.86.1665, the Manager now supports the following expansion content:

Typically, when I add one-off expansion content to the Manager, I end up having to make at least a few code changes in addition to just keying in new content.

This update is no exception and I actually used the code changes required to support the new content as an opportunity to improve some things I had been meaning to improve for a while now.

Release 3.86.1665 therefore includes a handful of significant optimizations around asset initialization (in the API), a handful of presentation fixes, and, most importantly, some updates to the Gear Card Lookup feature in the legacy webapp to support the new content.

re: the Lookup feature updates/enhancements, I actually debated whether or not to do them at all, since I am no longer adding new features to the legacy webapp, but I ultimately decided that they fell under the heading of "maintenance" and went ahead.

As a general rule, I think my stance is going to be that if new content requires expanding an existing feature of the webapp, I will do the work. If new content requires new functionality, that's officially out of scope for the legacy webapp.

Finally, power users of the Manager will notice that the "White Box & Promo" expansion is now just called "Promo". With the Sword Hunter release, it seems like the format for White Box expansions has been sort of finalized, and from now on, White Box KD content will be separate from general/non-canonical Promo-only content in the Manager.

As usual, hit the jump for complete release notes!

Gear card before.
Gear card after.

Fixes and Corrections

  • Cleaned up a couple of formatting and grammar errors in the webapp help.
  • Fixed typos in the "Infinite Lives" Strain Fighting Art.
  • Cleaned up/fixed the help tip on the PotLantern campaign about adding encounters with the Watcher.
  • Gear cards (in the Gear Card Lookup) now feature the "+" next to their accuracy stat, as they do on the actual printed cards.
  • Fixed a presentation bug that made Gear Card stat blocks have too much padding on the bottom at desktop resolution.
  • The Corsair Coat (Swashbuckler White Box rare gear) recipe now appears in the Gear Card Lookup.
  • Fixed some typos in the Fade expansion content.
  • Fixed a bug in the API Admin panel where settlement event logs could not be loaded if there were fewer than two admins in the database.

Application Enhancements

  • Expansion content controls throughout the webapp now include a separate section for "White Box" expansions, e.g. Fade, Percival, Sword Hunter.
  • Moved the Strain Milestones help tip out of the API and into the application-level help, where it belongs.
  • Created a CSS style for "SE" cards, which we're using icons (instead of a font) for at present. This far as I'm taking the legacy webapp with this stuff. This is a wicked hack, but I might end up doubling down on it in the next app...
  • The Survivor Sheet Fighting Arts picker now flags "Strain" fighting arts the same way it flags "Secret" fighting arts.
  • Moved the Fighting Art card 'gradient' CSS out of style.css and into color.css; added a gradient stripe style for Strain Fighting Arts (it's black).
  • Gear Cards that require an endeavor for their recipe(s) now show that requirement. 
  • Added some help text re: the Flower Knight fear locations

API Development

  • The "White Box & Promo" expansion is now just "Promo", since White Box is officially a product line, finally. 
  • Strain Milestone asset definitions no longer have their associated Fighting Arts hard-coded. Rather, there is a new method that gets called during their init() that iterates through Fighting Arts and uses the attributes of the fighting arts to assign them.
  • Keyed in Echoes of Death 2 assets:
    • Added a new expansion definition
    • Strain Fighting Arts (which is apparently now thing, as of Strain 1.1) now have the 'sub_type' value of "strain".
  • Keyed in the Vignettes of Death: White Gigalion assets:
    • Added the Gigaslayer A&I
    • Added the "Hooked Claw" strange resource
    • Created an expansion definition
    • Added the White Gigalion quarry monster
    • Keyed the five new gear cards, including recipes
  • The game asset collection object now has a new method enforce_mandatory_attributes() that is called during init() (i.e. instead of some random code at the ass-end of the init() call, which was pretty low-rent). The method can be set to warn when it finds a missing attribute.
  • Cleaned up the Strain Milestones asset file to be PEP8 compliant w/r/t long lines, etc. Also cleaned up some of the Fighting Arts.
  • Strain Fighting Arts are now their own dictionary within the Fighting Arts assets file.
  • Keyed in some more names: some misc. female ones and the names from Vignettes.
  • Cleaned up the assets file so it's more PEP8-ish and re-organized it into better groups of content.
  • Monster assets may now define available levels for the monster as a list (as well as an int): both are supported now.
  • Changed the "White Box & Promo" expansion to just be "Promo":
    • The Settlement object baseline() method converts the old 'white_box' expansion to 'promo' (i.e. its new name).
    • Converted all gear, location, etc. assets to have the new handle.
    • Researched and rewrote the expansion text to specifically say what's included.
  • The CLI helper utility can now dump settlements (quick representations) to the CLI; dumping this now includes info about the creator of the settlement.
  • Combined "Recent Users", the user agent popularity contest and "Work with User" into a single panel on the Admin controls called "User Administration".
  • Clicking a user in "Recent Users" now shows a raft of admin buttons, including one to copy the OID and another to work with the user.
  • The "Work with user" control can now be closed.
  • The API Response Times panel in the Admin panel is now a double-wide; I also cleaned up the formatting so the table is more readable now (Jeff you're welcome).
  • Keyed in the Sword Hunter White box expansion:
    • Created an expansion definition
    • Keyed in the Excalibur rare gear card.
  • Addressed an issue in where cloning recent users failed due to some hard-coded urls (yikes!).
  • Cloning users from production now accepts/requires admin credentials from the CLI (using the getpass library, etc.); cloning also fails noisily if there are no recent users to clone.

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