Monday, October 28, 2019

Change Log: 3.87.1666

People of the Sun Miko (finished). See
more at!
Release 3.87.1666 adds support for the 10th Anniversary expansion content: the 10th Anniversary White Speaker and the 10th Anniversary Survivors.

As with the last White Box release, some of the new expansion content required some minor, presentation-level updates to the legacy webapp. As I have mentioned in a the last few posts, I consider these types of minor updates to be "maintenance", and will continue to make them for as long as the legacy webapp is around.

The good news with this content, as, indeed, with all the expansion content that has come out in 2019, is that the updates are mostly trivial or outside of the scope of record-keeping (e.g. they only require minor presentation updates or they have to do with how to build decks, etc.).

At any rate, subscribers of the Manager who enable the new content on their settlements will notice that the recipes for the "Pattern" gear (from the 10th Anniversary Survivors white box) include the "Crafting Process" requirements from the pattern cards associated with the gear.

Beyond that, the 3.87.1666 release includes a couple of minor presentation fixes for gear "cards" (in the Gear Card Lookup) and one typo fix that actually stopped the "White Dragon Gauntlets" from appearing in the Gear Lookup tool (oops!).

Finally, now that all of that is out of the way, I would like to mention that I (finally) launched the official hobby blog for The Labor in Vain: please check it out at and let me know what you think!

Thanks for using the Manager!

Fixes and Corrections

  1. Fixed an issue with the "White Dragon Gauntlets" rare Promo gear that prevented it from displaying correctly (i.e. at all) in the Gear Lookup.

Application Enhancements

  1. Updated the survivor sheet HTML to include the Strain threshold instructions for Fighting Arts that respond to settlement strain (i.e. the baby blue bar on the bottom of the printed cards). 
  2. Created CSS definitions for re-usable Strain-related elements, e.g. the blocks, the bar, etc.
  3. Gear Lookup "cards" now have title/hover tips showing their name and type (i.e. location).
  4. Added "Crafting Process"  CSS/HTML to support "Pattern" type recipes

API Enhancements

  1. Created an expansion definition for the 10th Anniversary White Speaker white box:
    1. Added the "Plot Twist" strain milestone
    2. Keyed in the four "Story of Blood" fighting arts.
  2. Created an expansion definition for the 10th Anniversary Survivors white box:
    1. Added the "Pattern" location definition to assets
    2. Keyed in the six new pieces of "Pattern" gear, including their recipes.
  3. Starting the server now automatically updates the dependencies in requirements.txt to their specified versions.


  1. I've been using the Manager for years now. Totally makes campaign management easier. Thanks for keeping it up to date!

    1. Thanks for using it!

      I just mentioned this in a tweet (, but I am currently working on a major overhaul of the Manager that I want to have finished by March of this year.

      It's basically a total-redo and massive clean up of the user interface, and it removes a lot of legacy junk that is no longer used while making space for a bunch of new features that I plan to implement this year.

      When the release is finished, the change notes will be here (as always), and I plan to talk about some of the new stuff that will be coming this year.

      Anyway, thanks for using the Manager!