Thursday, October 8, 2020

API Release: 1.16.116

API release 1.16.116 is an API-only release that does not alter any parts of the Manager.

Instead, it upgrades the API and the API's Administration panel with tools that will allow me to document and publish information about releases of the Manager, the API and any future platforms that end up being a part of this project.

Among other things, this new feature of the API will allow me to share information about fixes, enhancements and new features before I release them in order to provide users with more insight into what's coming next.

This is one of the first major changes that I alluded to in the 3.105.188 release and should provide a sense of the direction in which this project is moving.

And, since this new feature of the API will basically work like a blog, API release 1.16.116 also makes this blog redundant.

I might do one or two more posts here on this blog to make sure that anyone who finds their way here is able to figure out where to go for release info, but that's about it.

The next release of the actual Manager will include release notes and a change log that are displayed within the Manager itself. 

So, as usual, hit the jump for details on the release.

And thanks for using the Manager!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Change Log: 3.106.1893

As promised, the break/fix release for 3.105.1888 is ready ahead of this weekend and includes most of the major issues that cropped up in the wake of the big deployment on Wednesday.

In terms of fixes, there is actually not much to discuss about 3.106.1893: it provides fixes for a couple of minor API bugs and addresses problems with Survivor Search.

This tiny release actually pushes a feature, as well: dashboard alerts are back. Unlike last time, the UI is a lot cleaner/simpler and Subscribers may choose to disable them.

Hit the jump for full notes!