Friday, October 2, 2020

Change Log: 3.106.1893

As promised, the break/fix release for 3.105.1888 is ready ahead of this weekend and includes most of the major issues that cropped up in the wake of the big deployment on Wednesday.

In terms of fixes, there is actually not much to discuss about 3.106.1893: it provides fixes for a couple of minor API bugs and addresses problems with Survivor Search.

This tiny release actually pushes a feature, as well: dashboard alerts are back. Unlike last time, the UI is a lot cleaner/simpler and Subscribers may choose to disable them.

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Fixes and corrections

  1. Addressed a presentation issue where tags were huge on the Survivor Sheet Notes tab.
  2. Addressed a presentation issue where some text could potentially overflow the Survivor Search modal.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Survivor Search box disappeared when clicked

Application enhancements

  1. Refactored the Survivor Search launch button presentation so that it's a.) DRYer, b.) shorter and c.) requires less tweaking at tablet and desktop res.
  2. The 'System' panel on the dash shows the current version of the webapp.
  3. Created a new (call it version 2) dashboard alerts display UX:
    1. Added a button to the dash that is blue if we have announcements only, and pink if we have a KPI active.
    2. Subscribers may disable alerts.
    3. Created a KD-style display on the dash for alerts; skinned it at all three endpoints.

API development

  1. Fixed an issue where calls to the /game_asset and /game_assets endpoints referenced the deprecated 'dump_assets' method and return a 500.
  2. Fixed an issue in assets/survivors/ where the get_available_endeavors() method could fail when returning dict type output.
  3. Removed some deprecated endpoints: /settings.json, /settings, and /new_settlement are all officially gone.
  4. Moved the /robots.txt endpoint to the misc. endpoints section.Created change_log.json and a route to return it at the /change_log or /change_log.json endpoint
  5. Added survivor management to the documentation:
    1. Documented the 'add_notes' endpoint.
  6. Added a preference for Subscribers to disable dashboard alerts."

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